Orlando, FL (Freedom Wake Park)

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+1 407-257-4325
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0
Year of Construction 2015


Jul 22, 2018 Hope you get the opportunity to #passthehandle to someone new today! Let’s grow the sport & share our passion for watersports! #wakeboarding #thisisfreedom @ Freedom Wake Park
Jul 18, 2018 #newtrick Tuesday continued with @ts_sullivan_’s first wake to wake jump and @monsalve5173’s first heelside #backroll!
Jul 17, 2018 It’s #newtrick Tuesday & @monsalve5173 was the first one to land something new here today! #toeside #360 in one set! 👊💥
Jul 15, 2018 First invert!!! Lots of celebration for @monsalve5173 landing his first tantrum! #wakeboarding #thisisfreedom
Jul 12, 2018 @ashley_inloes learned a #shuvit! #wakesurfing Get it girl!
Jul 3, 2018 It’s been a little bit since we posted an instructional video. In this one Tarah Mikacich & Cobe Mikacich go over edge control & body position to maximize floaty wake jumps. https://vimeo.com/241312086
Jun 26, 2018 New trick Tuesday! Indy Moby Dick for Jake Hill 🤙 #wakeboarding #thisisfreedom OBrien Wakeboards Malibu Boats
Jun 26, 2018 Couldn’t ask for a better day (or setup) to learn to #wakeboard
Jun 24, 2018 Yesterday was an amazing day! Tommy's organized an Adaptive Surf day out here at #freedomwakepark with Malibu Boats and Axis Wake Research. We were so humbled by the number of volunteers and participants that made this event so successful! #funonthewater #sharethestoke Video to follow soon...
Jun 19, 2018 Amazing!! Parker Swope just landed switch Pete Rose!! He started with a one wake switch roll to revert & quickly worked his way up. So impressed with this 15 year old! #wakeboarding #newtrick

Source of news headers: facebook.com