Orlando, FL (Freedom Wake Park)

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+1 407-257-4325
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2015


19.10.2017 Jess loves accelerating the whole length of this 🌊 @malibuboats #25LSV #purejoy #wakesurfing @obrienwatersports @ Freedom Wake Park
18.10.2017 Big day for the Roney family! All 5 of them learned to #wakesurf & #wakeboard! 👏 Great job! #allsmiles #thisisfreedom
12.10.2017 Pure enjoyment. That's what our time on the water is all about! #stoke #progression #thisisfreedom #wakesurfing
11.10.2017 We get asked to share tips about boat driving all the time. So here are a few good practices when towing a rider. Enjoy!
08.10.2017 Gvido got is wake to wake today! And then he made like 20 of them! #wakeboarding #progress @obrienwatersports @malibuboats @cobemik @tarahmik
04.10.2017 Bye-bye blue boat! You were a great one! Anyone wanna guess how many hours she had in 16 months? Keep in mind we split our lessons between our @malibuboats & our @axiswake...
04.10.2017 Today's video is on the heelside 360. What are the next tricks you'd like some help with?
03.10.2017 @danielmls on the grind! Catching everyone's eye in @thewwa latest #Rideline
02.10.2017 @barrettswope had a pretty productive weekend here: 2 #newtricks in 2 days! #thisisfreedom #progress #wakeboarding #orlando
30.09.2017 And he's back on the water!! Stoked to have you riding again @ryandunn45! #wakesurfing

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