Bala, ON (What Wake Park)

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+1 705 774 2077
Comment Exact location still unclear. We would appreciate anybody sending us the coordinates of the starting point.
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0


Apr 23, 2017 Ready to ride?? RAIL YARD WAKE PARK is open tomo!!!
Apr 22, 2017 May not be a WAKESTOCK - CANADA this year - but Windmill Lake is cooking up the biggest thing in a long time!!! Summer!!
Apr 21, 2017 The grom dom continues south of the boarder!!! Soo soo stoked for our ripper Liam and our best amigo Riley Dillon on making through arguably the best/biggest wake competition to go against the pro doods at the one and only Valdosta Wake CompoundCompound !! And after not really riding for 8 months- these kids!! Watch out world!
Mar 15, 2017 Our Dary Znebel may live out of a work trailer for half the year but dang has he has the good life with skills like this!
Mar 14, 2017 ohh another week of winter- hopefully cool jazz like the section from #outhouse from Erika Langman, Slightly Human, and Derek Brown will help ya get ya through this one.
Mar 6, 2017 Tomorrow's monday. It's gonna suck. But this doesn't, so keep dreaming for sunshine and check out our Kelsey Chiappa 's part from #outhouse (a Derek Brown artwork). - thanks Bush's Watersports Park, Sandboxland
Feb 28, 2017 oooh this ain't cool Alliance Wake. The girls around here can kick our ass on and off the water. Getting gals to the park is already hard enough (especially with old man pete around) and stuff like this is not helping get the gals on the water.
Feb 28, 2017 Our mean muggin guy Dary Znebel 's part from the @thecoalition.thesequel just dropped on Alliance Wake - by far the best Dary-air (jokes never been done before)
Feb 23, 2017 Our wake crush weds goes to all the ladies who came out to Ladies' Nights this past summer Bush's Watersports Park - and helped us raise $995.26 towards West Parry Sound Health Center's towards new mammogram equipment!!! And a huge thank you to all the gals and pals who have helped this year and previous years- too many to name...
Feb 16, 2017 Getting through the winter blues one page at a time...mail is cool. @alliancewake
Feb 13, 2017 Best way to spend your Sunday night-like a fine wine, it gets better with age. .. rumour mill says #stillnotfinishedyet might be in the works this summer!!
Jan 31, 2017 She's done. Thanks to everyone who came out to support a good cause and a messy premiere!! Especially that @dbroooown guy- part time wake guy/ movie maker, full time professional partier. Comin to an Internet near you. 📸 @keelebrah
Jan 28, 2017 #outhouse is dropping tonight! Get your tickets online and get to @adelaidehallto !!!
Jan 25, 2017 #outhouse premiere this Saturday 8pm Adelaide Hall !!! Get your tickets online for 10 bucks with proceeds going towards #bensquad - and you could win some swag from Halfwits, Humanoid Wakeboards, Sleek Apparel, what wake parkk and many more! Shit or get off the pot and get to this crappy movie!!! 10 bucks online but 15 at the door- now you know!
Jan 24, 2017 Registration is now open for @wakehui wake camps @bushswatersportspark - check out @wakehui for early bird specials
Jan 19, 2017 January 28th at Adelaide Hall - 8pm for the Outhouse Toronto Premiere! with more backslappin good times guaranteed from Colt Pickles - Spivo
Jan 17, 2017 Just got a ticket to #outhouse on the night of the 28th!!! Get yours while they're hot, cause @dbroooown has created a masterpiece of mediocre crap!!
Jan 14, 2017 ooooh gosh- start your weekend off right with our buddy Jeff Mathis...he's invincible!!! Wear your brain buckets like him fools- get a Sandboxland.
Jan 12, 2017 Ahh! Second trailer with a bunch of shat kids and friends is live!! Check it here Bush's Watersports Park, Halfwits, Sandboxland
Jan 10, 2017 Wake Canada's always winning! WWA coming back to Toronto- big smoke bringing big names and wakes back to tdot this summer- next step WAKESTOCK - CANADA
Jan 5, 2017 This guy is good, really really good. Being different in high school doesn't make you the "coolest" but being different on a waterboard like Alex Graydon does...
Jan 5, 2017 YEW!! syked our rubber ripper @Liam Brearley snaggin the second most watched bail of the year!! If you're not fallin' you're not tryin' hard enough...
Dec 20, 2016 When you're good, you're good, but when you're're this dood. it's like snowboarding but on water- more goodness from Valdosta Wake Compound and Wesley Mark Jacobsen
Dec 19, 2016 Yew! Nothin like watching his guy ride!!

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