Bala, ON (What Wake Park)

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+1 705 774 2077
Comment Exact location still unclear. We would appreciate anybody sending us the coordinates of the starting point.
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0


Mar 30, 2019 Maybe you should make a trip to West Rock Wake Park- maybe we all should- see you there!
Sep 26, 2018 Well heck this is pretty cool news for our sport- fingers crossed one of @bushswatersportspark and what’s team gets to go to this bad boy- (@liam_brearley @daryznebel @kchiappa) #Repost @iwwfed with @get_repost ・・・ 1st ever Panamerican @cablewakeboardnet Championships happening 13th-18th November at @aquaparkdr 📍 More info coming up soon🔜 #iwwf #cablewakeboard #wakeboarding #wake2024
Sep 7, 2018 Can’t handle the heat well you’re in luck- we’ll be open this weekend from 11-5 on Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday for most likely our last weekend (depending on weather and stuff) @bushswatersportspark @forty8ten_wakeboards
Sep 7, 2018 When @daryznebel and @mickeymhenryare nominated for trick of the year you paint the team up! @surfexpo !! DARY!!!!!!!@bushswatersportspark
Aug 28, 2018 Thanks to all the ladies that came out to our Ladies’ Nights this year in support of #bensquad @bushswatersportspark !!! We hope you had a time- also thanks to cdn national’s first and second @callie.zed and @emma_j_brearley for always coming out to help on Mondays - the girls are getting recklessly good!!! Thanks for the support @sandboxland @followwake_canada @wakecanada @humanoidwake @forty8ten_wakeboards
Aug 27, 2018 Newsflash: Tonight is our last Ladies Night from 530-730 - we have to close at 730 sharp! so come rip and support #bensquad ...also pretty proud of all the ladies at @wakecanada nationals yesterday including our own pro women national champ @kchiappa
Aug 26, 2018 Sooo fired up!! @whatwakepark @bushswatersportspark snagged the top cable team at Canadian Wakeboard Nationals!!! Couldn’t be more stoked on @wakehui @surferdude360 @daryznebel @cory_znebs @kchiappa @amy.timmerman @jennygillbert @callie.zed @ethan.zellenrath @jonmctavish @jessejarrett_ @emma_j_brearley @matlynthesnuggler
Aug 20, 2018 Ladies’ Night is tonight!! If you ordered a #bensquad hat (chapeau) come and pick it up! Here’s the scoop if you’re just joining us- ladies ride free from 6-8 and we collect donations on behalf of bensquad- no experience necessary! Thanks to our supporters @bushswatersportspark @wakecanada @humanoidwake @sandboxland @followwake_canada @forty8ten_wakeboards
Aug 6, 2018 Huck and hope doesn’t always work- but want to send it on our advanced cable- it’s open 2-7 pm everyday from now on- (earlier bookings available if booked in advance- we just need a heads up) @bushswatersportspark
Aug 1, 2018 Wicked wake women!! Thanks to all the ladies that came out for #bensquad ‘s ladies night- and our @wakehui coaches- we had over 40+ riders shredding thanks again to our supporters @bushswatersportspark @wakehui @sandboxland @forty8ten_wakeboards @humanoidwake @followwake_canada @wakecanada

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