Bala, ON (What Wake Park)

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02.10.2017 Sooo stoked for all the local Ontario boys repping for Canada at worlds in the Philippines!!! Especially these two @liam_brearley and @rileydillon1 snagging thirds in boys and junior boys!!! These boys grew up riding in the little Ontario wake scene and now are dominating with the best of them!!!@sandboxland @humanoidwake
29.09.2017 Practice your mean muggin cause you're gonna need it in th Phillies!! Best of luck to our team rider @liam_brearley and pals @rileydillon1 & @jessejarrett_at wakeboard worlds @cwcwakepark !!! #gogroms #teamshirts
20.09.2017 Summer sadness has set in. We're packing it in for the season but want to thank everyone who came and made this soggy summer a smash of a time. Thanks as always to our amigos who keep the dream afloat @bushswatersportspark Sandboxland , Halfwits follow., @wakehui Humanoid Wakeboards Forty8ten wakeboards
13.09.2017 Done gone it! What will be open this Saturday/Sunday from 12-6!! One of our last weekends depending on the weather- so get out here!!
28.08.2017 Tonight is our last Ladies' Night!!! Come on out gals and support the belated bday dood @benleclair !!! Always grateful for our supporters @humanoidwake @halfwits @forty8ten_wakeboards @wakehui @followwake_canada @bushswatersportspark
26.08.2017 Welp forgot to mention the second cable is up and running. First cable (roadside cable) is still under repair but come try the new one @bushswatersportspark !!! @followwake_canada @halfwits @humanoidwake @forty8ten_wakeboards
22.08.2017 Go vote!! Wake Canada 's Judgement video contest is out with a whack of What Wake Park and Bush's Watersports Park amigos in them!
21.08.2017 Sorry ladies - we're still down for maintenance and won't be able to pull tonight for Ladies' Night 😢 - We'll get ya back on the water soon though- also check out @ranchwakepark 's ladies' nights on Thursdays! P- @luvintheride r- @kchiappa with a 270 switch front board tickle

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