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16.12.2017 Xmas came early!! When was the last time you saw a full length wake skate film? I know right! Istudiomo just released their long awaited wakeskate film to the world for free (accepting donations) as they want as many people to get to see this film- I think that's rad! The amount of work put into this project is unfathomable and I hope it inspires you to pick up a skate one day soon!
16.12.2017 If you've ever met Terry Bailey you know how rad of an individual he is- but besides that he's kinder than you or me- he biffed the other day and smashed his mug! Help Terry get this Xmas and get his mug put back together!!
24.11.2017 Support the locals- the good guys. Canadian co @halfwits sending some Black Friday deals- and now have a ladies line- hustle up!
23.11.2017 Some people’s least he cheers for the leafs ....#outhouse premiere Jan 13th at @adelaidehallto Calendar that stuff!
14.11.2017 Who cares if you get injured now it’s shoulder season!!! (Pun intended) Some things aren’t meant to be switch nose-pressed... even when shooting for #outhouse ...@wakehui coach @surferdude360 (that is his real insta name) may not be able to move his arm but he still gives the thumbs up for this movie!!!... #donttellpaige
24.10.2017 Oooh the gals, guys and groms are putting something mediocre together again this year!!! Mark the calendars- this January 13ish Outhouse - The Deuce will be premiering during Toronto Boat Show!! Check the trailer that's chalk full of our riders, friends, friends of friends, man-childs, rubber knee groms, peanut gallery hanger-outers and more!! Thanks to the amigos who support this film- Sandboxland, Bush's Sports Centre, Humanoid Wakeboards, Windmill Lake, Halfwits, Ranch Wake Park, what wake park ...and more!!
02.10.2017 Sooo stoked for all the local Ontario boys repping for Canada at worlds in the Philippines!!! Especially these two @liam_brearley and @rileydillon1 snagging thirds in boys and junior boys!!! These boys grew up riding in the little Ontario wake scene and now are dominating with the best of them!!!@sandboxland @humanoidwake
29.09.2017 Practice your mean muggin cause you're gonna need it in th Phillies!! Best of luck to our team rider @liam_brearley and pals @rileydillon1 & @jessejarrett_at wakeboard worlds @cwcwakepark !!! #gogroms #teamshirts
20.09.2017 Summer sadness has set in. We're packing it in for the season but want to thank everyone who came and made this soggy summer a smash of a time. Thanks as always to our amigos who keep the dream afloat @bushswatersportspark Sandboxland , Halfwits follow., @wakehui Humanoid Wakeboards Forty8ten wakeboards
13.09.2017 Done gone it! What will be open this Saturday/Sunday from 12-6!! One of our last weekends depending on the weather- so get out here!!

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