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16.05.2018 Grinding! And so are we, but unfortunately the ice left us a little behind so we won’t be open this weekend- but our friends will be @bushswatersportspark @ranchwakepark @windmill_lake @railyardwakepark maybe @boarderpasscanada ... 🎥 @wakehui
16.05.2018 Very excited about the final phase of our Bayside community.
11.05.2018 Summers totally here- We’re pumped- you pumped?? @wakehui camps are over 80% sold out- this is the last week for early bird pricing so hop to @wakehui .com for more details!
02.05.2018 This past weekend was the Valdosta Wake Compound's Yardsale- and a whole whack of Canadians went down to show em what's in our syrup- including Dary Znebel who snagged third!! Video comp coming in the next few weeks to be voted on but in the meantime check out the recap photos from SBC Wakeboard!!
14.04.2018 Woke up to a ft of snow this morning, thank gosh @jessejarrett_ dropped this vid of our goon Liam Brearley on Alliance Wake to keep us frothing for summer!!!- full video in bio- Sandboxland Humanoid Wakeboards Bush's Sports Centre ・・・
08.04.2018 Help this grom/beast win! Watch how crazy this cat maddox is on the snowboard!
22.03.2018 Tomorrow night is “she shreds” from @surfthegreats - if you’re a female shredder of any kind or wanna be one go check out this event and gal out!!! @kchiappa @obrienwatersports @sandboxland @followwake_canada
17.02.2018 What February? Summers just around the corner...never too early to dream and @wakehui kids wakeboard camps are filling up! Early bird pricing at!!
12.02.2018 Wake Hui wake camp dates are posted- get your early bird prices!!! 2 weeks already sold out!!! Don’t get stuck sitting on the dock- check out for details!
29.01.2018 #Outhouse The Deuce is live and free on @alliancewake thanks to this guy- @dbroooown !!! @sandboxland @halfwits link in bio.

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