Woodland, Sacromento, CA (Velocity Island Park)

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22.03.2019 We’ll be open Sunday from noon to 5 PM! Come shred with us!
10.03.2019 Don’t forget today is the last day of our season pass sale! Don’t miss out on taking advantage of 6 new features this year!!!
08.03.2019 Weekend Activity Alert!! Come join us at the @norcal_mastercraft booth during the Sacramento Boat show Saturday and Sunday. The cable will be open Sunday only.
22.02.2019 Blue skies call for a celebration of opening SATURDAY & SUNDAY from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM! Who’s coming out?!
15.02.2019 Trever Maur and the boys have done it again! If you haven’t watched this yet, you definitely need to go check it out! Link is in the bio! I wonder what they’re going to come up with when the new features come in? 🤔 Alex L. Aulbach Graeme Burress @hayden_berg
09.02.2019 Gotta love these winter weekends. We’re going to be closed this weekend due to weather. Sorry for the inconvenience! See you all soon! 📷: @canevariphoto
25.01.2019 Not only will the cable be spinning this Sunday, but we are offering 20% off our Ultimate Yearly Cable pass for the next two weeks. You can buy your pass in the shop or on our website at https://www.velocityislandpark.com/cable-park/
19.01.2019 Alright so you guys have seen all the new stuff we’re bringing in this spring! Swipe left to see how the park could potentially line up when we drop all the new plastic in the water! @ Velocity Island Park
18.01.2019 And finally! The last two rails of our spring makeover! That one on top? That’s @trevermaur ‘s new signature rail. We’re stoked 😬 on another note, we will be open this weekend! Saturday only though! Come out for a shred!
17.01.2019 Set number two! Buttery flat box and a pyramid. Let your creativity flow with these two!

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