Timmins, ON (Wake Park)

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+1 705 262 1160
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Länge 200 m
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2014


14.02.2018 Happy VDAY Bae! Love ya! 😘 #Timminswakepark #wakeboarding #love #valentinesday #slingshotwake
07.02.2018 Looking for a summer job with us? Registration is open for the 2018 Canadian Water Sport Instructor Certification Course at Muskoka Woods taking place June 15th-18th 2018. http://www.wswo.ca/coaching-p152888
03.02.2018 More from THAI WAKE PARK x Plastic Playground 2018 - TWP 🤤
03.02.2018 Daniel Grant on his home turf at THAI WAKE PARK 💪
31.01.2018 https://vimeo.com/253476827 Argentina is just the newest spot to take that much needed WAKE-CATION!!
30.01.2018 https://vimeo.com/252821985 Our favourite line from the movie: "Watch it, or don't. we had fun making it." haha! And that my friends is what it's all about!! Shout outs to this unique group of riders keeping things fun, progressive, and putting Ontario Wake riding back on the map! Enjoy!!
27.01.2018 @johnyjbonney was lucky to get his first few turns of 2018 in Florida @skirixenusa!! This will be a big year for us as we celebrate 5 years already! Stay tuned for some big announcements coming up as we move closer to summer ☀️🏄‍♂️😎 ✌️#timminswakepark #timmins #wakeboarding #system2parks #wakeboard #summer #ontariowakeseries
17.01.2018 Raph Derome helping his boy Pete with a 💥🔥💥 edit!! Nice work fellas! https://vimeo.com/248081172

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