Timmins, ON (Wake Park)

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+1 705 262 1160
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Länge 200 m
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2014


27.06.2017 Giving away FREE Mr. Freeze's courtesy of our friends at Collège Boréal! Come say hello!
22.06.2017 First day of summer was mint! Looking forward to many more days of summer!! Don't wait. Water is warm. Come ride! #timmins #timminswakepark #system2parks #wakepark #wakeboarding #fun
21.06.2017 Next month we'll be introducing a fun new way to enjoy the Timmins Wakepark! We'll be offering tube rides & paddle board rides as part of our special event/private party experience! Plan your next birthday party, team building exercise, wedding party, or staff party with us! Give us a call at 7052621160 for more information and to pre-book your ride! — Products shown: Private & Group Sessions, Private & Group Sessions and Private & Group Sessions.
20.06.2017 We're just getting started! first day of Summer arrives tomorrow, more sunshine to come! All ages & skill levels welcome!! Wakeboarding or Waterskiing LETS GO! https://www.timminswakepark.com/collections/passes
10.06.2017 Park is looking extra fresh this year thanks to Mascioli Construction & Brickyard !!
07.06.2017 Summer is here! LETS GO!! #timminswakepark #timmins #system2parks #wakepark #wakeboarding #sonorthithurts Edit: Johny Bonney Music: A Tribe Called Red "Electric PowWow Drum" Photos: RS Dindustries Video: Evenden Imaging
04.06.2017 It's still very early in the season & the Park is already looking mint!! Best part is we still have more features to come!! Stay tuned... #wakepark #system2parks #timmins #timminswakepark #wakeboarding
02.06.2017 Here's a little something to get y'all stoked for the weekend from our friends down in Valdosta Georgia! Call ahead or drop by this weekend! Cable is spinning!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP83QQb3zhU
31.05.2017 WE ARE OPEN!! Drop us a line at 7052621160 or boomboxwakeparks@gmail.com to book your first session of 2017! Season 4.0 is here!! LET'S GO! (photo: Evenden Imaging)
27.05.2017 Special shout out to @mascioliconstruction for getting these beauties back to the lake in one piece!! 🙏 THANK YOU ... stay tuned for opening date. It's coming real soon we promise! #timmins #timminswakepark #diy #wakepark #system2parks #wakeboarding
26.05.2017 Public/Private partnerships for the win!! Amazing to see what's been happening over at West Rock Wake Park! Congrats on plans for expansion to include a full size wake park this summer. Looking forward to visiting one day soon!!
18.05.2017 DIY. 🚧🛠🚀🚧 #timminswakepark #timmins #wakepark #system2parks #wakeboarding
09.05.2017 CALLING ALL YOUTH. BE COOL THIS SUMMER. COME HANG WITH US! 🖖 Youth season passes are new this year for kids aged 7-16yrs old. Gets you x3 sessions/day Monday-Friday between 11am-4pm. $299 COME SHRED! #timminswakepark #timmins #gromsquad #wakeboarding #system2parks
08.05.2017 Nothing better than to watch some of last year's footage to get us primed for this season!! Special thanks to Mack Eveden Evenden Imaging for always being down for the cause you will surely be missed this summer!! https://youtu.be/BzAAptsk0g0
25.04.2017 Wish we could have been @valdostawakecompound for #vwcyardsale !! huge win for the Rebel Alliance 🖖 check out @alliancewake @sbcwakeboard @unleashedwakemag @unionwakeboarder #vwcyardsale for the knarly setup + shredding #system2parks #wakeboarding #valdostawakecompound #timminswakepark #TWPfan @dylanmiller
21.04.2017 We're back on the water this time next month💦💦! Visit www.timminswakepark.com for all riding passes, summer wake camp registration & FAQ's!! #timminswakepark #timmins #season4 #wakeboarding #wakepark #system2parks
09.04.2017 Season 4.0 got off to an early start for a lucky few! Can't believe we'll be back next month at Gillies Lake! Summer is just around the corner, plan accordingly. #timminswakepark #wakeboarding #owc #system2parks
05.04.2017 Blake Bishop!!! KID RIPS check him out ! http://blog.slingshotsports.com/2017/04/04/young-guns-victor-salmon-x-blake-bishop/
25.03.2017 If ya can't beat it might as well enjoy it! @johnyjbonney still finding some fresh in the Valley @campfortune !! #timminswakepark #shred #freshspringpow #springboarding
21.03.2017 Happy Spring! Only two months until we're back on the water 💦💦💦Good time to start thinking summer & making that trick list! All riding passes + summer wake camps available now!! #goals #summerseventeen #timmins #timminswakepark #season4 #ridemore #wakeboarding #system2parks 📷 Mack Evenden
17.03.2017 Road trip anyone!? Michigan ain't too far eh!
09.03.2017 Always dreamed of working the best summer job with us at the Timmins Wake Park!? Well here's how to get started. First step is to complete the Coaching Foundations Course being offered here in Ontario June 16th-19t at Muskoa Woods click the link to register! http://www.wswo.ca/coaching-p152888 (photo: Mack Evenden)

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