Suffolk (Elveden Forest Center Parcs)

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11.12.2017 Our villages look stunning and we look forward to welcoming our guests today. We are experiencing some challenges due to snowy weather conditions, particularly in outdoor areas but we’re working hard to ensure as little disruption as possible. We recommend that all guests check the Highways Agency at before setting off.
11.12.2017 We're a tiny bit excited to announce we're sponsoring lunchtimes on Nick Jr for a year! Look out for us sprinkling a little bit of our Center Parcs magic over your little ones' favourite TV shows - it's time for imagination…
10.12.2017 Getting excited for your upcoming Winter Wonderland break? Or thinking of treating the family to one next year? Get the low-down with our A-Z guide of all things thoroughly festive at Center Parcs >>
09.12.2017 Fancy a feast on your break? You can now pre-book our Rajinda Pradesh Experience (poppadom platter, selection of sharing starters, classic curries, rice and naan) and the Dining In Banquet. So whether you want to stay in or head out, you can firm up your food fix before even setting foot in the forest >>
08.12.2017 Rustic stars, cork reindeer and pom-pom pine cones - the most 'gram-worthy, homemade Christmas decorations are here! The best bit? They're MUCH easier than they look…
07.12.2017 We've been doing some research about families at Christmas. The good news is 90% of you said you like spending time together over the festive period! The bad news is some people start planning their Christmas day as early as 19th August…which means we have some catching up to do! Read more about our findings here >>
06.12.2017 Hot mulled cider, gently spiced with the flavours of Christmas - the perfect way to warm up this festive season >>
05.12.2017 Our festive four-legged VIPs are our favourite part of Center Parcs at this time of year. They're lovingly looked after by our expert rangers throughout their stay >>
04.12.2017 We've been having the pancakes-versus-cupcakes debate in the office today. Help us settle it? (And we would never try to influence the results of such a scientific study but we're Team Pancake until the bitter end)
03.12.2017 We've had a go at creating our perfect Winter Wonderland day. What does yours look like, and what have we missed?

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