St. Veit am Vogau (Wakepark Planksee)

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Direction counterclockwise
Length 793 m
Type Sesitec
Year of Construction 2009
Carriers 10


Jun 23, 2017 Morgen gibt es Teil 2 des legänderen Sunset Clubbing mit Star DJ #marioknox
Jun 19, 2017 Girls just wanna have fun! That´s the moto of our wakeboard chicas at Wakepark Planksee, that´s why we have a special deal for our ladies every Tuesday! 🤘 -> every Tuesday: Ladies day: 50% off on 2h ticket -> more specials and offers -> Foto&video: #wakeparkplanksee#girlsrule#
Jun 14, 2017 Lets jump into the super nice long Weekend: Thursday-Sunday: 12:00-19:00 🌴☀️😎🤘
Jun 11, 2017 Save the Date: Goodboards Testday am Dienstag!!!
Jun 10, 2017 Sunset clubbing it's on! #reiner's#geilezicke#wakeparkplanksee
Jun 10, 2017 New rental boards in the house 🤘 water temp 24 degrees ☀️ supernice weather 😎🌴 #sunnydays#weekend#wakeparkplanksee#shredtime
Jun 9, 2017 Let's Slide into the sunny Weekend!!! Save the Date: Saturday First Sunset Clubbing😎🌴🍹 Friday: 15:00-19:00 Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-19:00 #wakeboarding #calisthenicpark #Beachvollyeball #Party
Jun 7, 2017 Das Wetter wird fein am Samstag somit steht einer chilligen Sunset Session nichts mehr im Weg☀️😎🌴🍹
Jun 3, 2017 Hanging around 💪💪💪
May 26, 2017 We almost reached 200 likes so we moved the obstacles🤘we hope you like it! #newlinesatplänki 📷gregorjohnphotography
May 21, 2017 New lines @ Plänki! 🤘 ...reaching over 200 likes, the obstacles will be moved according to the sketch... like like like if you like the lines...👍 #timeforsomethingnew#refreshing#wakeparkplanksee#lotsoffun
May 21, 2017 Ronix Test day is on Test the new sick Stuff!!!
May 20, 2017 Guess where it is sunny 😎
May 19, 2017 Hello summer we missed you!🌞🏄🏼🌴#nowetsuit#hochdiehändewochenende
May 18, 2017 Come and test the new 2017 Ronix Wakeboards for free!
May 11, 2017 Ein wenig Einstimmung aufs Wochenende!!!
Apr 26, 2017 Am Samstag ist es soweit Das Reiner's öffnet ab 09:00 die Tore für euch. Eine tolle Speisekarte und viele Neuerungen erwarten Euch! 🍔🌭🍕🍝🍨🍹🍻🍝
Apr 17, 2017 Let's shred the Easter Monday with lots of sunshine ☀️
Apr 4, 2017 Schnee auf den Bergen...und das Snowboard schon eingewintert? Hier ist die Lösung...🏂🏄☀️🌴❄️
Mar 25, 2017 March is treating us very nice:-) Happy People good Vibes!!!

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