Rockford, IL (West Rock Wake Park)

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+1 815-596-9025
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type 2x Sesitec System 2.0
Year of Construction 2014
Obstacles UNIT System Pipe, UNIT Rooftop. AGI Water Terrain-Medium Kicker, 40’ ride on box


Oct 23, 2017 The perfect layerable fall hoodie is now in stock. Screen printed right here in Rocktown by our friends at @rockfordartdeli with a new design by @aaronjohnson. Holler at us if you’d like to grab one (or 4)! $35 plus tax and shipping (S-XXL)
Oct 22, 2017 Well...we’re spinning after all. Get on out here 11-6! Even if you’re not riding we have some CRAZY prices on closeout boards and boots to get you on the water for less.
Oct 22, 2017 Pretty much sums up what the water is starting to feel like...There’s rain the forecast tomorrow but please join us as the remaining days to ride are dwindling in a hurry! (P.S. RAIN = no spraying features). #westrockwakepark #bellyflop #kookoftheday #jerryoftheday Flopper: @joshalanyoung 📹 @connorkenzie7
Oct 21, 2017 It’s looking like the weather is taking a turn next week so let’s get those laps in while the getting is good! Open today and tomorrow 11-dusk! #westrockwakepark #sesitec #unitparktech
Oct 20, 2017 Apparently our @slingshotwake rep and all around good dude @sinclair972 can do more than just sell the good stuff. #westrockwakepark #slingshotwake #theydontknowshot #unitparktech #sandboxland #tbt 📷 @connorbrooksmckenzie
Oct 18, 2017 #westrockwednesday lapping with @markrugala.
Oct 16, 2017 We need to make up for the weather last weekend...and will be open Oct 21 - 22 from 11- dusk! Who’s riding? #westrockwakepark #fallsessions #unitparktech #sesitec #fullsizecable #uscablewakeparks 📷 @rockfordparkdistrict
Oct 15, 2017 The good news is we’re open tomorrow and the good news also is...we have a lot more walkway installed around the cableway. The bad news is you can’t ride like the guy above. Dress warm and bring a wetsuit if you’ve got one or rent a full length from us! Spinning from 11-6ish. Rider: @felixgeorgii 📷 @connorbrooksmckenzie #westrockwakepark #fallsessions #unitparktech #rideengine #liquidforcewake #redbull
Oct 13, 2017 It certainly won’t be @nhlblackhawks tee shirt and jorts weather, but there’s a good chance you can try to emulate @bricekai 👃🏽 press with a wetsuit on this weekend. Keep an eye on the weather (click Rainout line on our site for updates), but we’re aiming to open Saturday and Sunday 11-dusk. Full cable only. #westrockwakepark #unitparktech #slingshotwake #sandboxland 📷 @connorbrooksmckenzie

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