Rockford, IL (West Rock Wake Park)

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+1 815-596-9025
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type 2x Sesitec System 2.0
Year of Construction 2014
Obstacles UNIT System Pipe, UNIT Rooftop. AGI Water Terrain-Medium Kicker, 40’ ride on box


Mar 19, 2019 We want to take your riding from zero to Cory Williams ability. Well, maybe not that good, but you get the point. We'd love your feedback on slow rides this summer. Thank you, in advance, for your time and response below. We'll pick a comment, and send out a tee for your efforts. 🙏🏽 As many know, we have the following progression path as part of “The School of West Rock”. 1-Never Ever 2-Next Steps 3-Slow Ride The first two classes are on the system 2, while the third is on the full cable. We don’t feel like we’ve effectively executed slow rides on the full cable. How would you like to see slow rides integrated? What would help you bring your friends who are intimidated by the full cable? A) A reservable small class a couple times a week on the fsc? B) First hour or two everyday? Open early? 10am? C) A two hour block in the middle of the day? 2-4pm D) Or? #westrockwakepark #help #schoolofwestrock #growthesport 📷 Connor Brooks Photography @ West Rock Wake Park
Mar 16, 2019 We’re back north to IL after a Griswold-esque family vacation...already missing the warmth. The good news is this: we aren’t far from our own season starting 🙌🏽. Huge thanks to Orlando Watersports Complex for the hospitality and laps. It was great seeing a bunch of the locals ripping the new set up. 📷 @graydannecker. Rider: @joshalanyoung #orlandowatersportscomplex #unitparktech #sandboxland #ronixwake #wakeboarding @ Orlando Watersports Complex
Mar 14, 2019 Headed home after a family trip to see the 🐭. The last stop in FL has some pretty rad baby gators, but exit 13 Old Clayattville/Valdosta in Georgia is much better: clean bathrooms (truly 😂), some great folks that love wakeboarding, a nice spot for the kids to run around, all of your needs for the road ahead...and one of the best laps in the world. 🖖🏽 #valdostawakecompound #spacemobordie @ Valdosta Wake Compound
Mar 8, 2019 It would be tough to name a rider that progressed more last season than Justine. (@jabberwockfoxpizza). She very quickly became extended fam at the park and was a joy to have around! Be on the look out for our women’s take over event in 2019. Want to see something specific? Contest, etc. We’d love to hear from you below. #internationalwomensday #womenofwestrock #westrockwakepark #unitparktech #sandboxland #growthesport #toomanydudesonthedock 📷 DT Photo
Mar 6, 2019 We’re going to blink and be riding again. Be sure to reach out to the @thewaxhouse crew to get your board ready for the season. Take a look at the sidewalls and base to check for separation or dents that need love. Forest is a 🧙‍♂️ with repairs and can help make products that take a beating last a long time. #westrockwakepark #THWrefurbcrew #wakeboarding 📷 @michaelrhallphoto
Mar 6, 2019 Escaping the cold late winter/spring to see our friends at @orlandowatersports, @valdostawakecompound, or @theboardingschool? Or...mid April join a crew from West Rock that’s going to the @wakewellusa national conference! Hit us up for that board bag & 2019 freshie before you go. #wakeboarding #wereinthewrongspot #winterblues
Mar 4, 2019 #mondaymotivation & #mondaymishap wrapped up into one post. Thank you @dylan_hoogeboom & @justin.lublow for your service. Thankfully we shouldn’t be living in an ice chest much longer. 🙏🏽😎#westrockwakepark #unitparktech #sesitec #slingshotwake #ronixwake #wakeboarding
Mar 1, 2019 Cable parks are coming up with countless ways to entertain their customers. We are NOT against any of those activities, and will potentially add some as we grow. However, at West Rock we ultimately want to teach as many people how to wakeboard/waterski as possible. We firmly believe this is a dynamic activity that you can grow old with safely, and make part of a healthy lifestyle whatever your age. Wakeboarding is also a great way to get out of the gym and give your body a different workout for those of you that love to pick up heavy stuff and put it down. 🏋🏽‍♂️ As we get closer to the 2019 season start thinking about who you will #passthehandle to! We will be rolling out an incentive program for CORE members and frequent riders that will allow you to earn ride time and product. 📱 Connor Brooks Photography #westrockwakepark #growthesport #schoolofwestrock #getoutside #COREpass #family #waterski #wakeboard #kneeboard #whatever #learnanewskill

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