Rockford, IL (West Rock Wake Park)

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+1 815-596-9025
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ 2x Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2014
Obstacles UNIT System Pipe, UNIT Rooftop. AGI Water Terrain-Medium Kicker, 40’ ride on box


20.06.2018 So pumped to have our Ronix Wake fam back in town! Stay tuned for more details on social media, and the "rainout line" link on #nomorerain #ronixwake #fortifiedwithlakevibes
20.06.2018 We have been looking forward to having our good friends from @ronixwakeboards back into town for a long time. The flood has thrown a little curve ball into things, but we believe we should be good to go for cable this Saturday June 23rd @westrockwakepark and wake & surf this Sunday June 24th @psbrewingco. Stay tuned as we hustle to clean up....yet again! #westrockwakepark #ronix #fortifiedwithlakevibes #sameteam #socialshredtour #midwest #nomorerain 🙏🏽
19.06.2018 Sadly we are still closed due to yet another crazy ⛈, but fear not two plankers/slalom skiers we have these bad boys from @radarskis waiting for you to take a rip on when we reopen! #floodschmud #waterski #radarskis #cablepark
17.06.2018 Happy Fathers Day to all the #raddads that have passed countless handles, paid for gas, encouraged us youngins to get up and get the glass, and yelled at us when we did the same lame heelside wake jump countless times. We are BUMMED to not spin today as we continue to clean up after Friday’s storm, but hope you find a great spot to get on the water with your loved ones! #waterski #gripitandripit #happyfathersday #throwingbuckets #passthehandle
15.06.2018 Well, we got hit with a nice storm June 15th that took its sweet time dropping buckets on us. Unfortunately, we are a closed for a few days. Please stay tuned here or click "rainout line" on our site #weathershmeather #ugh
15.06.2018 Whatever your plans are for the weekend, be sure to stop by for a few laps! #westrockwakepark #cablepark #gorockford #enjoyillinois #home #waterski #wakeboarding
13.06.2018 Clayton Underwood might be aging a little, but his riding seems to be holding it together like a fine wine. Check out his newest edit "The Dirty XXX" with some of the clips from our backyard.
11.06.2018 Whether you’re a first time rider, an old school water skier, or a seasoned pro we have everything you need for a great day at the lake. #home #westrockwakepark #rpdfun #gorockford #sesitec #unitparktech #affordable #progressive #fun #community (Thanks to Elroy E Hilbert II for taking a snap while circling above the other day while flying in his Aeronica Champ!) 🛩📷
10.06.2018 Due to the last couple nights of severe storms (which elevated our lake substantially) and more lame weather in the forecast today, we will be CLOSED June 10th. Stay tuned for when we will reopen at “rainout line” on #westrockwakepark #aprilshowers #injune ☔️⚡️😕
08.06.2018 #weekendvibes are in full effect. 🤘🏽🍻 Come on out this weekend to Rockford’s OG watering hole for some great times, random giveaways and spontaneous contests that may or may not include #shoeskis @stzlife @rideengine #stzlife #rideengine #shredtown 📱@_jeffreyj

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