Rockford, IL (West Rock Wake Park)

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+1 815-596-9025
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ 2x Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2014
Obstacles UNIT System Pipe, UNIT Rooftop. AGI Water Terrain-Medium Kicker, 40’ ride on box


07.12.2017 Who needs a sweet ride under the tree? 2017 closeouts: A LOT off, 2016 closeouts: A TON off. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up. #wakeboards #madeinusa🇺🇸 #buylocal #supportyourlocal #wakepark #cablepark #hashtagsgalore #westrockwakepark #humanoidwake #slingshotwake #prospectwake @ West Rock Wake Park
06.12.2017 The big fella is stoked, are you? 🤙🏽 20% off gift cards through Christmas! Click the #linkinbio for the perfect, easy, email-able gift! Spend $20 for $25, $40 for $50, $50 for $75, $80 for $100 in value etc. Want a physical gift/card? Be on the look out for our annual pop up shop with our friends @rockfordartdeli. New merch in the works. 🎄🎄🎄 🏄🏽‍♂️ @schleich12 📷 @connorbrooksmckenzie
05.12.2017 eGift cards now available! 20% off till Christmas. Christmas pic by Forest City Photographs! #system2 #sesitec #hohoho #merrychristmas #weregoingtousethispicforyears
05.12.2017 An eGift card to West Rock is the perfect gift for the wakeboarder/waterskier in your life! They are 20% off until Christmas!
03.12.2017 Since it’s mostly all a #flashback at this point we want to work through some of the best pics/clips we haven’t gotten to leading up to the new year. This is Ty Morlang doing a shuvit out of the whoop during our film session when the @space.mob & Art of Action rolled into town. Ty is by far one of the most unique riders we’ve had at the park. It was incredible to watch such a talented wake skater link tricks up like he did, and simply charge every set....reminding us, again, that regardless of your skill level everyone needs to wakeskate more. #wakeskate #artofaction #unitparktech #westrockwakepark 📷 Matthew Mulholland
29.11.2017 After a long summer full of construction and a few floods, Rockford native & West Rock fam, Jake Snider Films stopped by to catch a few of our first laps with Clayton Underwood and Derek Huntoon. Thanks for watching! SHARE the clip and we'll randomly select someone for some new swag!
28.11.2017 You’ve likely sifted through a 100 #cybermonday emails today. We will set up a web-store at some point, but we’re still pretty old school with the way we sell product to make sure every customer of ours gets the best product and value. We have a good assortment of awesome closeout equipment that would beat any deal online so please don’t hesitate to give us a shout to get set up! 📷 @connorbrooksmckenzie 🏄🏻‍♀️ @owpushgirl
24.11.2017 Return that TV you bought at 4am, and support Benjamin Leclair's recovery effort by buying one of the best boards on the market in a limited edition graphic! While you're there check out some of the other amazing deals our friends at Humanoid Wakeboards are cooking up today. #bensquad
23.11.2017 ....the perfect buttery days, the long winters, the time on the dock discussing the next trick, seeing the first time rider up, the smiles, the companies that support us, the floods, the best employees, the injuries, the next lap, the new gear, the jokes, the maintenance, that new trick, the family, the beauty of the lake and park, the laughs, the crashes, the sunsets, the click of the carrier going by, the people, the friends, the support, our town....the future. #westrockwakepark #rockfordrides #gorockford
22.11.2017 We know the 2018 season will be here in a blink so we’re busy checking off our to-do list. That, of course, includes making sure we will have the latest @slingshotwake freshies 🔥pre-ordered for our beach house shop. If you’d like to grab a gift for yourself or a loved one to stare at until the water thaws let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to have it to you by Christmas! #slingshotwake #westrockwakepark #christmas #already #hohoho #solo #shredtown 🎅 🎄⛄️

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