Phuket (Wake Park)

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+66 76 202 527
Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Länge 670 m
Masten 6
Typ Sesitec full size + 2x System 2.0
Baujahr 2012
Mitnehmer 9


19.09.2018 @borus_wake do the perfect Tail Grab in PWP🤙 You want too? Just come and start training! If you really want to start doing cool tricks, you will do! Especially if you are training with our coaches😉
18.09.2018 Where you can meet the best Wake girls🏄‍♀️? Of course in PWP 😉 #tbt to the perfect days with Courtney Angus
17.09.2018 Guys, do you remember about our unreal cool obstacle “Poseidon”? Sick session with Dewit Prasong Dave🤙🏄‍♂️ What tricks do you want to try on our Poseidon ? Video edit by Jiahong Singmanas
17.09.2018 Dear Mikhail Doladov, All PWP TEAM congratulate you with first place at Open Cup Magnetic 2018🎉🎊
16.09.2018 We Congratulate Marcus Blanik with 3rd place at The German National Championship🎉🎊
16.09.2018 The simplest recipe of happiness — DO WHAT YOU LOVE ❤️ Come to PWP and enjoy every second of your life.
16.09.2018 All PWP team congratulate Boris Ryazantsev with first place at Magnetic Open Cup 2018!
15.09.2018 The best time - it's time spent with pleasure🤙 It’ s not necessary to lay down all weekends, let’s try active rest and feel energy after full of fun day 🤙
14.09.2018 We know where you can make your best Wake photos 😉 PWP it’s not only perfect wakepark and sport place, it’s also the best location for your instagram 📸
13.09.2018 Do you need a High portion of extreme ?? Easy !! Phuket Wake park it’s extremely good place for training new tricks and do the best ones! Extreme and fun is in the air 😜

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