Perth (Wake Park)

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Typ Rixen (full size + 2x System 2.0)
Baujahr 2014
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22.03.2018 The Grom Competition at the Park last night went off. So much young talent within a great bunch of grommets. Well done to everyone, we’re very proud of you all.
21.03.2018 Live Grom Comp!
21.03.2018 Goodies table for the Grom Comp today. Registration closes at 4:45pm. Come down and see how good these kids are from 5pm to 7pm.
21.03.2018 Don’t forget the cable will be CLOSED from 5pm today for our annual Grom Competition. The cafe will be open and spectators are encouraged to come down and make some noise.
18.03.2018 We are so proud of the Heatley boys representing Perth Wake Park at Boardstock. They are pushing it everyday, winning multiple national contests and improving so fast. Watch out wakeboarding, there are 3 of them! @liquidforceaustralia @liquidforcewake @boardstockseries
18.03.2018 Amazing day at the Park. Lessons running all day, cafe serving tasty food and coffee, a variety of world class obstacles for every level of rider and you can even hire top of the range equipment. But don’t forget basic gear is included in every ticket price. Head to our website for further info.
17.03.2018 Perth Wake Park annual Grom Comp is on this Wednesday 21st March. Registration is open. The cable will be closed from 5pm for the event. Last year the level was insane. Spectators welcome. For more information head to our website. Sponsors include @liquidforceaustralia @ronixwake_aus @followwake @dupwake @jetpilotcompany @vertra @liivevision
14.03.2018 Power is back on and we’re trading as normal. Obstacles are wet, water is warm and open until dark. See you soon!
12.03.2018 Feeling too sick to go to work? Take the day off and enjoy this late blast of summer weather with some relaxed weekday riding at the Park. Open every weekday until dark (for those who have to wait until after work).

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