Perth (Wake Park)

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22.03.2017 Private session so far for this guy today. Come down and join him. Open 10am to 6pm and conditions are nice.
16.03.2017 As good as it gets at Perth Wake Park
16.03.2017 The sun is back! Quiet, glassy riding days at the Park. @marco_kolbinger and his famous digit. Come and have a lesson or try new tricks whilst there's no queue.
14.03.2017 @auzzie_j hitting the new look happy rail with the adjustable height wall. Thanks to @honest_craig for the mod. Come down and check it out. @dupwake
13.03.2017 Westerly winds for the next few days means the Park is flat as. @corbanfewster with a cheeky crail grab over the fun box. @ronixwake_aus @ronixwakeboards
10.03.2017 Come and learn something new whilst it's quiet during the week. Beginner lessons run everyday with smaller group sizes and the occasional one on one session on weekdays. Open 10am until dark today. @marco_kolbinger @liquidforceaustralia @liquidforcewake
09.03.2017 Everyone is pushing themselves during member sessions with big moves and bigger crashes. @corbanfewster lands his first Indy tantrums to blind. @ronixwakeboards @ronixwake_aus
05.03.2017 Open tomorrow for the public holiday 10am to 6pm. This is Craig.
04.03.2017 @auzzie_j takes out the U17 king of the kicker at Boardstock with a steezy back mobe. Congratulations! @dupwake #boardstock
02.03.2017 The storms have passed and we're open. Make the most of the light winds and the slick rails. Open until 6pm, 7pm for members.
25.02.2017 Unusually quiet 40 degree Saturday at the Park. Heaps of space for a rip around the main lake and loads of lessons available. Open until 6pm.
24.02.2017 We love the sun. Hot and sunny for the next few days. Open 10am until dark today. #daylightsavings #lightenupwa #sunnyray
23.02.2017 Who's ready to sack off work today and come for a ride? It's perfect down here. Open until 6pm (7pm for members).
23.02.2017 Professional Web Solutions held an event at the Park for the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce last night. Check out some of the live footage taken.
22.02.2017 DUP Del Taco on sale at Perth Wake Park $699. 139s and 143s available. Test rides at the Park.
22.02.2017 @robcaratti getting it all wrong on the steps. @pmbuckley thinks it's hilarious.
17.02.2017 Friday morning laps with the team Corban Fewster Marco Kolb Christian Robinson Josh Sherwell
16.02.2017 Words can't describe how perfect it is down here right now. Looks like light winds and warm weather for the next few days. @rileymiddletonn tanno to blind
16.02.2017 Photos from last night's Grom Comp. Everyone was killing it and pushing hard. Thanks again to AdrenalineBoardSports for the photos. Tag your friends. To get involved, go to or come to the Park.
16.02.2017 The level at the Grom Comp last night was off the scale. So many kids stepping it up with their riding. Lots of stoked faces. Most of these kids have progressed through the Perth Wake Park Kids Club and Grom Club programs under the instruction of @honest_craig @christianrobinson and @auzzie_j Thanks again to @adrenaline board sports for the photos. Full album to follow.
16.02.2017 Live laps!
16.02.2017 @christianrobinson will be doing live Facebook laps at 10:30. Will his unprotected phone survive?
15.02.2017 Grom Comp jam session

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