Liverpool (Industry 1)

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+44 151 230 8247
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0


Jan 8, 2018 Stag & Hens at Liverpool Wake Park
Jan 8, 2018 When the 2017 Industry Pro Tour landed in Liverpool it was game time! Check out the highlights from Sunday. Video by Mantis Pro Media
Jan 7, 2018 When riding through winter the best wake accessory is for sure a Dry Robe! They are super warm and keep the wind off you when down on the dock on the chillier days!
Jan 5, 2018 Muchos anticipting the first shred of the season and doing loads of these one's! 🤙
Jan 4, 2018 The Ronix Top Notch is Ronix's flagship park board for 2018! We have a few in the shop if this fun board tickles your fancy, ready for demo! Shop:👨‍💻🔥
Jan 3, 2018 Georgia Mix Up | Bene Tremmel Bene is riding the new Liquid force Peak. One of the top boards this year from LF! landing in our shop very soon!
Jan 2, 2018 As a little new years treat we have got a 10% discount code off any 2017 products in the online store! Just type in 'brexit' at the checkout!
Jan 1, 2018 HAPPY NEW YEARS PEOPLE! 🤩💥🎉🎊 We are super excited for the 2018 season, there is loads of exciting new changes going down on the park over the next couple of months and we can't wait for you all to see it once the park re-opens in March! Until then, this is the perfect time to re-kindle our love and spark for Wakeboarding and then we will all be more than ready to hit the water this Spring! 😄
Dec 30, 2017 Liquid Force 2018 looking insane! We have some of these decks in shop now, available to demo!

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