Liverpool (Industry 1)

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06.10.2018 Make sure you plan to arrive early today boys and girls! There are plenty of road closures, as the epic Giants check out Liverpool City Center
13.09.2018 The water is still warm and there is plenty of time to get down to Liverpool Wake Park and learn to wakeboard! Full info on the link below. #trysomethingnew #newsport #funinliverpool #liverpoolfun #liverpoolwatersports
12.09.2018 Check out this wee edit to get an idea what Liverpool Wake Park is all about 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🤙🤙
11.09.2018 We are running an awesome Park & Ride Offer with Adventure Dock For every session you book on the Adventure Dock aqua park in September or October, you get a half price ride at Liverpool Wake Park (inc beginner lessons) There has never been a better time to check out these 2 amazing facilities. Book your Adventure Dock session at and then claim your half price wakeboard at Adventure Dock reception.
11.09.2018 Progression Sessions at Liverpool Wake Park £99 for 8 sessions! 🏄‍♂️🙌😎🏄‍♀️ By the end of the 8 sessions you will most likely be jumping off kickers and riding over the boxes. Progression Sessions is the perfect way to start out in this amazing sport. Full info:
03.09.2018 Nice little offer from our sister park just down the dock road! If you have not been yet, make sure you go for a play this week and get the discounted £15 sessions Adventure Dock
25.07.2018 Pass The Handle Nothing better than riding with your friends and egging each other on. Especially in this epic summer we are having. 😎🏄‍♂️ Head down and enjoy this fine weather at Liverpool Wake Park
24.07.2018 Carving and slashing around on the water always feels so good. The best way to get loads of time on the water is our ride packs, the more you ride, the less you pay.
23.07.2018 Every time you ride at Liverpool Wake Park, you get One on One coaching! Which means you will be busting out inverts like Scotty Broome in no time at all.

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