Liverpool (Industry 1)

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+44 151 230 8247
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0


24.09.2017 Dry Robe's in stock now! These are awesome for those chilly days on the dock! Shop:
23.09.2017 O'neill hit the Road EP2 Shop O'neill:
22.09.2017 We are the first in a top 8 of unique ways to spend a weekend in Liverpool! Link:
22.09.2017 Nick Davies back board on the bomb rail shot by Mantis Pro Media
21.09.2017 WE have some of the only Buttersticks left in the UK!🏄‍♀️😁 "The Butter Stick is the latest creation in liquid Force park series. This board comes ready to rock with some of our tried and true features but what really sets it apart from other boards are the unique Flex Tips." Give us a call or come into the shop for more details on this awesome boards! Call the shop: 0151 230 8247 Shop now:
20.09.2017 The Liquid Force Flex 4D boots! Looking absolutely sick, this is Liquid Force flag ship boot. Available in the shop to try now! Link:
19.09.2017 Have you recently just started wakeboarding and want to take your riding to the next stage?! Get on the Progression Sessions!
19.09.2017 Mikey Pinder | Documentary
18.09.2017 Felix Georgii on the 2018 Liquid Force Butter Stick at valadosta Wake compound!
16.09.2017 We have some of the only Liquid Force Eclipse's in the country! Bigger is better, try one today and see for yourself! Link:

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