Isanti, MN (Vision Wake Park)

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+1 763 913 0200
Direction U-Turn
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0
Year of Construction 2013
Obstacles 60’ A-Frame 5’ High, 40′ Flat Bar, 40’ Dance floor 4’ wide 1’ high, 2 Way Kicker 4’ high, 2 Way Kicker 2’ high


Jul 23, 2018 A friend of mine is selling their boat and I know it was very well taken care of... Below is the link if you are interested.
Jan 15, 2015 To all my friends and family, those of you that know me well know that #Wakeboarding is one of my biggest passions in my Life. Please take a second to PEEP this edit . Keith Lidberg is one of my best of Friends he is truly one of the most #INSPIRING Humans I have met on the walk of Life! He has been out of the competitive side of things due to some injuries, and he is back this year with a huge goal insight #THEROADTOFISE keeping Killing it my Brother on every level . I can't wait to see how many amazing things coming your way 2015 Bro! #Hardwork #Determination and #Perservilance #NEXTLEVEL #LEGEND #YEEEEEEAAAHBUDDY!
Sep 29, 2014 #WakeDevils such a beautiful Day for a #Shred #EndlessSummer @ Vision Wakepark !🏄👍👊
Sep 9, 2014 4 year old CULLENJEDDA now on YouTube :)
Sep 8, 2014 Had a great time on Friday at the CRHS Pep fest! Thank you to the principles for reminding us to set high goals for ourselves, expect challenges, don't let failure stop you, believe in yourself ... and keep grabbing that rope!!! Thank you for coming out! #cardinalnation
Aug 27, 2014 If you have some time to invest this is pretty cool, some local MN hills and shops made the cut!

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