Farmer City, IL (The Liquid Edge)

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+ 1 309-928-9498
Towers 2
Type Sesitec System 2.0
Year of Construction 2007
Obstacles Kicker, Flatbar, Wedge


Jul 17, 2019 Our good friends at Sullivan Marina and Campground will be bringing Barletta Pontoons to Lake Shelbyville this weekend by hosting an on water demo! Stop by and check out their beautiful facility, take a spin on one of these awesome boats, and grab a bite to eat at the recently renovated NorthEnd Pub and Grill! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a hot and sunny weekend! The boats will be on the water Friday afternoon and all day Saturday next to NorthEnd Pub and Grill! If you would like to schedule a test drive, please text or call John at 217-259-6472
Jul 11, 2019
Jun 28, 2019
Jun 26, 2019 Beau perfectly times his entrance. We didn't even plan that!
Jun 13, 2019 Saturday June 15th Pro Slalom Shootout -
May 29, 2019
May 20, 2019
May 17, 2019 Illinois favorite Mens 10 skier... Bruce Kunde taking his first set of 2019 at TLE. How old is Mens 10 you ask? Regardless Bruce is older than what is holding you back?
May 16, 2019 When you get pros coming into Farmer City to ski...there is a little more prep work to be done. Changes are coming to TLE!
May 14, 2019 RADAR NATION - July 13th. Sign up at

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