Farmer City, IL (The Liquid Edge)

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Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0
Baujahr 2007
Obstacles Kicker, Flatbar, Wedge


07.03.2017 1st ever TLE - Wade Cox Open slalom tournament. June 10th and 11th.
25.02.2017 Would you like sponsored to ski? Come out this weekend and ask how you can ski tournaments this year for The Liquid Edge. Have availability from beginer to national champs.
23.02.2017 This is how Dusty gets ready for our 2017 Open House. We firmly believe that we need to ride it in order to sell it. Plus it beats mopping the floor. #xt21,#slingshot,#oneill#
17.02.2017 Xt21 take one!
12.02.2017 Here at The Liquid Edge we test the new skis, bindings, and suits in all condtions. We do this as a service for you. And the fact we can't wait for summer. #hovtx,#hohardshell,#oneillpsychofreak,#prostar,#anyreasontoski
13.01.2017 This past summer we had Pro Wakeboarder, Josh Palma, to the shop for a few days of clinics. When our friend Jason heard about it he was really excited and reserved a couple slots for him and his son Theron. It ended up being a picture perfect day, and everyone in their group had a great time with Josh. Jason knew that Theron enjoyed the experience, but didn't know just how much of an impact it had on him until he got back to school this fall. For one of his assignments, Theron was asked to write a short story about one of his favorite days this past summer. Guess which day he chose! It's pretty awesome to see when a day like this ends up being one of a kid's best memories of the summer. Great story Theron. Thank you for sharing it with us. Also, thank you for pointing out that there is no reason so be nervous about riding with a pro! Happy Friday everyone!
08.01.2017 Winter at TLE is like Xmas everyday when the new gear starts showing up. #syndicatehardshell #hoskis
22.12.2016 JUNE 10, 2017...This will be the site for the first ever Slalom Tournament at TLE hosted by Wade Cox. Hopefully the ice will be off by then.
20.12.2016 Going to top 30 degrees today folks. Just wanted to remind everyone that we still have a decent selection of left over flip flops if you need a pair to help you through this heat wave. Also, don't forget to check out our websites if you're in need of any last minute Christmas gift ideas. We ship daily. and Happy Holidays!
06.12.2016 Pulling the kicker out for some off season repairs. All wakeboarders need to thank Doug (The Slalom Skier) for his efforts today!
21.09.2016 Happy Birthday Doug Meeker!
21.09.2016 Meant to post these photos the other day. These are of Dusty shredding behind the new XT23. What's really impressive is how Doug was able to drive the boat, and take these photos at the same time...
21.09.2016 Carson with the whip! He's 5
21.09.2016 Congrats to Theresa. She ran the mini course today for the first time!!! It had been 15 years since she ski'd last.
19.09.2016 Putting the new XT23 to the test today!
14.09.2016 If you a few minutes, one of Marcus Brown's latest videos "Tribe of the Future" provides a very unique perspective of tournament water skiing. A must watch in our book!
17.08.2016 2017 Mastercrafts showing up tonight.
15.08.2016 Prostar wins again!! In with a 200 out with a Prostar. There must be a reason....
12.08.2016 Back to School of Wade! August 19th and 20th[UNIQID]
29.07.2016 Trey ran 6 buoys for the first time today at TLE. He is officially hooked. Another slalom skier!!
29.07.2016 Congrats to Roger on a third place finish at 2016 Midwest Regionals....Slalom. Roger is a regular that gets coached at TLE about 7 am every couple of weeks.

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