Emerson, Atlanta, GA (Terminus Wake Park)

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Baujahr 2013
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28.06.2017 Kick off your weekend at Terminus this Friday with the Kicker Contest & Outdoor Movie! Seriously you don't want to miss this event! • AWESOME prizes from our sponsors for the Kicker Contest! (Buywake.com Stzlife follow. Sandboxland) • Julian's Kitchen food truck! • STZ Pop Up Shop! • Snowcones & Popcorn! • Finding Dory on our outdoor movie screen (free movie in the park)! Kicker Contest starts at 6 pm, and we'll show the movie at sunset. #outdoormovie #irideterminus
27.06.2017 TOMORROW is the last local Points Chase of the summer at 4pm! Only $15 to register. Come out for the third and final stop of Traditional and chase some points! #irideterminus #localcontest
27.06.2017 Just a heads up: the Advanced Lake will be closing at 7 today. But don't worry - the Beginner Lake will still be open that last hour!
26.06.2017 Perfect afternoon plans 🙌🏼☀️ #summergoals
26.06.2017 Outdoor movies are back with a bang at Terminus! On June 30th we will kick the day off with the WakeWell Kicker Contest from 6-8! All skill levels can compete, from Grom-Pro. We'll wrap up the night with a FREE outdoor movie showing of Finding Dory at sunset! #movietime #wakewell #outdoormovieatl
25.06.2017 Advanced Camp starts tomorrow, but it's not too late to sign up! Learn some new tricks, and improve your wakeboarding skills with some amazing coaches. terminuswakepark.com/camps/
24.06.2017 Laps with Locals feat. Callaway! #irideterminus
24.06.2017 Aqua Park is now open earlier on the weekends! 12-7pm on Saturdays and Sundays for extra hours of fun ☀️
23.06.2017 Got kicker skillz?! Show us what you got in the WakeWell Kicker Contest! June 30, 6pm. Grom - Pro, sign up cash only day of. Stick around afterwards for a FREE outdoor movie in the park! Check out our sponsors for the event! Buywake.com Stzlife Sandboxland follow. WakeWell Get pumped for an awesome night!
22.06.2017 There's something great about that feeling of learning a new trick. Sign up for Advanced Camp June 26th-30th to help take your trick skills to the next level! All week we will have coaches teaching a variety of skill levels. From entry level riders learning to hit features all the way to advanced riders learning new tricks on the advanced lake! Sign up soon before the spots fill up! #irideterminus #advancedcamp
22.06.2017 Less than two weeks away from our WakeWell Kicker Contest followed by the first Outdoor Movie of the summer (Finding Dory)! Shout out to all of our awesome sponsors for being a part of the event and helping stash the prizes for each division! WakeWell Stzlife Buywake.com follow. Sandboxland June 30, 6pm Grom - Pro Divisions. Register with cash only the day of. Stay after hours in the park for an outdoor movie and concessions!
21.06.2017 The advanced lake will be closed in the morning for maintenance, but will be open for use at 12pm. See ya on the water! #irideterminus
21.06.2017 College Night is tomorrow! June 22, 4-8pm. Bring a current college ID and get 40% off! #irideterminus
21.06.2017 If you're registered for Stop #6 of Points Chase tomorrow, you and your siblings are invited to join us for a FREE Aqua Park session while we film our promo video! 2-3pm. Points Chase Stop #6 starts at 4pm.
20.06.2017 Don't forget! Points Chase Stop #5 make-up is tonight 6-8! Intermediate - Pro divisions will be finishing up the first round of Traditional. Podium awards will be given out on Wednesday after Stop #6!
18.06.2017 Double Points Chase this week + Bonus Aqua Park session is definitely hi-five worthy! 👏🏽 Check out the details! 👇🏽 The rained-out divisions from last week for Stop #5 (Intermediate - Pro) will be competing on Tuesday, 6-8pm. On Wednesday before Points Chase, all participants and their families are invited for a free session on the Aqua Park for our promo video shoot! 2-3 pm. Stop #6 begins shortly after at 4. Get ready for an exciting week!
17.06.2017 Yesterday wrapped up another great week of camps, but we're going all summer! It's not too late to register for a week of fun on the water. Learn to wakeboard or improve your skills, play on the Aqua Park, and try other watersports like kayaking and stand-up paddle board! If you're looking for more of a challenge, register for our Advanced Camp section June 26-30. Learn some new tricks and improve your overall wakeboarding skills. www.terminuswakepark.com/camps/
17.06.2017 If you really love your dad, bring him to Terminus on Father's Day! Come wakeboard or play on the Aqua Park, and Dad rides or plays FREE! #dadsrideterminus #familyfun
16.06.2017 Due to the crazy weather and having to close down, College Night is being postponed to next Thursday, June 22!
15.06.2017 Tonight is the night! College students - bring your student ID and get 40% from 4-8pm. Try something new this summer! 🏄🏽‍♀️ #irideterminus #collegediscount
14.06.2017 Wednesday vibes ☀️
14.06.2017 Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of Traditional for Points Chase from 5-8! Instead of divisions being split by age, they are split by skill level! Registration is only $15 so come out and hop on the cable for our weekly summer contest! #pointschase #chasinpoints #irideterminus
13.06.2017 Looking for a great thing to do as a family for Father's Day? Come out for Dads Ride Free at Terminus! All day, dads will be able to get a free pass with purchase one child's pass! Come enjoy the dad life on Father's Day! #dadlyfe #familytime #dadsrideterminus
13.06.2017 Want to go from good to great?! Come join us the last week of June (26th-30th) for Advanced Camp! This camp will help all skill levels refine their current skills and learn new ones! Get contest ready this season with us at Advanced Camp! Sign up at: http://bit.ly/2rvBGwB #summercamp #irideterminus

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