Emerson, Atlanta, GA (Terminus Wake Park)

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Kommentar under construction
Fahrrichtung beide Richtungen
Länge 350 m, 440 m
Masten 6
Typ 2x full size Sesitec + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2013
Mitnehmer 4, 6


18.07.2018 Dad Bod Day is back and better than ever, because the beer is back! 🍻 Come shred with the guys, learn from some of our Team Riders, and enjoy a beer on us at the end! THIS Saturday, 6:30-8:30PM. Must register in advance to grab your spot. terminuswakepark.com/events
17.07.2018 Mimosas are BACK! Come learn from some of our team riders, spend the morning with ladies & celebrate with a mimosa bar at the end! 🥂 THIS Friday morning - July 20, 8-10AM. Must register ahead of time at: terminuswakepark.com/event
17.07.2018 Casey on that Yamaha Golf Cars XL Kicker 🤙
16.07.2018 Golden hour looks a little cooler here 🌅 • #irideterminus #terminusvibes #terminuswakepark
15.07.2018 Two of our favorite events coming up this weekend! terminuswakepark.com/events
15.07.2018 What does your #sundayfunday look like? We’ve got the perfect idea for your summer weekend ☀️💦 #terminusvibes
14.07.2018 Come watch LIVE with us at the park! https://www.facebook.com/plasticplaygrounds/videos/1960914737286448/?hc_ref=ARRdvjcspm2zrmmtYrtR8NXcLIpDDes8k_fneOLEKZOhIZmhG-xw4M9ZJMJftlkusoo
13.07.2018 The ultimate summer destination ☀️💦 terminuswakepark.com
12.07.2018 Tonight!! Sign up for a spot in our clinic just for guys. Learn from our Team Terminus riders in a fun, low key environment! $40 for your pass, rentals & coaching. Terminuswakepark.com/events

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