Emerson, Atlanta, GA (Terminus Wake Park)

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Kommentar under construction
Fahrrichtung beide Richtungen
Länge 350 m, 440 m
Masten 6
Typ 2x full size Sesitec + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2013
Mitnehmer 4, 6


27.04.2017 Only 2 days left until @liquidforcewake Free For All! Get your sunscreen and bathing suits ready for a totally FREE day of wakeboarding! #irideterminus #freeforall #wakeboarding
26.04.2017 Let the fun begin! #aquapark #irideterminus #aquaglide
24.04.2017 Only one week left until our favorite event of the season!! Take advantage of this free day to come hang out with the Terminus and Liquid Force teams all day! #summer #irideterminus #liquidforce #f4a
24.04.2017 Starting at 10 am this Saturday we are kicking off Liquid Force Free For All!
22.04.2017 Check out Liquid Forces recap video of @liquidforce Free For All 2016! The Liquid Force and Terminus Team Riders will be out here all day April 29th signing autographs, coaching, and spreading the stoke! Kick of summer with a new adventure at Terminus! #f4a #irideterminus #liquidforce #wakeboarding
19.04.2017 Invite your friends and family for Liquid Force Free For All April 29th from 10 am - 4 pm! Schedule 10 am - 12 pm: beginner blowout 12 pm - 4 pm: open season
19.04.2017 The ducks are hitting the water again to help Advocates for Children prevent and treat child abuse in all its forms. Check out Duck Derby May 6th at Terminus Wake Park!
17.04.2017 Our first contest of the season is May 5th! Check it out!
14.04.2017 Mark your calendars Free For All is coming up! Make sure to share with your friends to spread the fun!
12.04.2017 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Liquid Force Free For all is coming on April 29th! Check out the schedule for the day of events so you and your crew can come enjoy a day of free fun! #irideterminus #f4a
11.04.2017 Schedule change for this week: OPEN Tuesday 2-7 & Wednesday 2-7! CLOSED Thursday & Friday for Staff Safety Training. OPEN Saturday 12-7! Sunrise Easter Service at 7:30AM then closed the rest of the day for Easter!
10.04.2017 Make sure to check out our FREE wakeboarding Event April 29th!
09.04.2017 Terminus Summer Camp! Reserve your spot now! Starting May 22nd and going ALL SUMMER! http://terminuswakepark.com/camps/
08.04.2017 Throwing it back to 1999!
08.04.2017 Terminus Tumblers now in stock! #summeriscoming
07.04.2017 Come GET IT this weekend, OPEN ☀️Friday-Monday!!!🤙🏻
03.04.2017 Cruising through the weekend then..... 💥 Monday! #irideterminus See you Wednesday for that mid-week refresher! #terminuswakepark
28.03.2017 We are open Tomorrow from 2-7! This Friday-Sunday 12-7! April 1 we go 5 days/week! May 1 we are 7 days/week!
27.03.2017 80°= OPEN!!! That's right, we are going to be open this Wednesday (3.29.17) from 2-7!
25.03.2017 New Advanced Lake setup! We are excited, come try it out Saturday or Sunday 12-7! Left & Right Kickers off the start, followed by the Handrail and Kicker to Pipe hack, iceberg after turn 1, new modular after turn 2, Raph hack and Pool on the back stretch, then barrels in turn 3!
24.03.2017 Both lakes are open FRI-SUN 12-7PM! $35 all day! Come try the new advance lake set up! #irideterminus #wakeboarding #terminuswakepark
19.03.2017 2017 @sandboxland helmets in stock now! Come ride today 12-7 and pick up a new lid!
17.03.2017 We are still taking applications! If you or someone you know wants a great summer time job, is willing to work hard, and serve others then APPLY here! Interviews are going on now! https://terminuswakepark1.typeform.com/to/fWsPps

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