El Gouna (Sliders Cable Park)

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+20 102 60 22226
Früher Watersports Complex
Länge 800m + 400m
Baujahr 2014


25.05.2018 A little bit of heaven with Sandra Keller - Ladies on Boards #dreamteam #shortsonboard 🏄‍♀️ Sandra Keller 📽️🎞️ Dalal Jaumotte
24.05.2018 #throwback to #TheWinnerTakesItAll The Winner Takes It All 2018 | August | Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna Egypt Stay tuned! #TheWinnerTakesItAll2018 #August2018 #SlidersCablePark El Gouna TV El Gouna, Red Sea Nudge Design Studio
23.05.2018 #throwback to #TheWinnerTakesItAll the Championships will held for the third time at Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna Egypt Stay tuned! #TheWinnerTakesItAll2018 #August2018 #SlidersCablePark El Gouna TV El Gouna, Red Sea Nudge Design Studio
18.05.2018 Let the weekend begin!! And where are you in the May weekend? #shortsonboards ? #skirtonboard -> Sandra Keller - Ladies on Boards <3 #edit -> Dalal Jaumotte <3 it's just a teaser ;-) stay tuned for full video! #TGIF #piatekpiateczekpiatunio
17.05.2018 DAY CAMP - FROM "ZERO" TO WAKE HERO Sliders Cable Park invites kids and teens for a day of activities in, on and off the water. Although wakeboarding might look difficult but it's easy, it is fun and is for everyone! Everyday - Day Wakeboard Camp to new and amateur riders - reservation needed. Kids Teens Wake Club *wakeboarding *swimming pool *lunch *volleyball *playground *tennis table *competations Amazing time, full of fun, hard training and progress! Sliders offer Individual and Group Lessons with instructor to all ages and abilities. All SLIDERS instructors have a passion for the sport , children and teaching and have exactly what’s needed to achieve goals! 100% SATISFACTION!!! If some of the kids are independent they can start strait with Big Cable. Wake and sun with a lot of fun! Reservation: office@sliderscablepark.com +2 0102 60 22226 Sign up till the end of May and get 20% discount!
15.05.2018 May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.
12.05.2018 Congratulations Julia Rick on winning the #IWWFworldcup 👑 Design art by Nudge Design Studio
10.05.2018 #IWWFWorldCupJordan starts! GOOD LUCK to Everyone!! 👍🤙🤘 Check out the results at: www.cablewakeboard.net And see IWWF Instagram: IWWFED for the behind the scenes

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