El Gouna (Sliders Cable Park)

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+20 102 60 22226
Früher Watersports Complex
Länge 800m + 400m
Baujahr 2014


22.03.2018 HOT dance weekend! with the most talented international dancers from Africa,Latin America and Egypt. 2 DAYS WORKSHOPS,15 HRS WORKSHOPS, DANCE ALL STYLES: REGGAETON AFRODANCING DANCEHALL HIPHOP SALSA BACHATA KIZOMBA FEEL THE VIBE OF SHAKE IT'S JUST A START More information 01004303192 .joe THE CAMP CENTER PIONEER dance company Salchatahttps://www.facebook.com/events/160920381384102/
20.03.2018 If it's not on Facebook, it didn't happen ;-) :-P Wake Camp with Julia Castro' March 2018 in words... "A minute with Julia" - subscribe to Julia Castro blog: http://fuertejulia.com/sliders-cable-park/
16.03.2018 Hola Belleza Chica! Julia Castro WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU ❤️ From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much! You did an absolutely fantastic job. All our love #SlidersTeam Discover Egypt with Julia Castro #thisisegypt #allinoneplace #elgounastateofmind #lifeasitshouldbe #designyourworld #aminutewithjulia #wakeology #wakecamp #sliderscablepark
15.03.2018 New T-shirts are available at Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna Egypt Looking good on Julia Castro Maria Torres Loic Michel Photography Mansour Zaky Isn't it? by Nudge Design Studio
14.03.2018 #thisisegypt #lifeasitshouldbe #elgounastateofmind #sliderscablepark #itsgonnabeacrazyride #designyourworld Julia Castro at Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna Egypt by Loic Michel Photography
11.03.2018 For the 3nd time, Sliders Cable Park will organize Wake Costume Contest 🐇🐰🤙🏆 If you have not yet participated in a tournament maybe this is the place to start? Sliders Cable Park invites all amateur and riders to compete in the one and only Funny Bunny Wake Costume Contest! Easter 2018 | between April 1st - 9th | follow our social media to know the exact date| Info: office@sliderscablepark.com +201026022226
10.03.2018 Sliders always support young talented people 🤙 Fingers crossed for all participants of Start Up Challenge by LSE SU Polish Business Society 🤞🤞🤞
07.03.2018 Stay tuned for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/2096122117336968/ www.sliderscablepark.com +201028020223/+201028020227/+201026022226

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