Deerfield, FL (Ski Rixen USA, Quiet Waters Park)

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May 20, 2018 Rain or shine we don't stop here at Ski Rixen. Obstacles are already wet and ready to hit! We are open from 12-8pm! #skirixenusa #wakeboarding #unitparktech #liquidforce
May 19, 2018 Hey all! Due to the rain storm that Florida is being hit with, we will be shutting down today at 7pm! Hopefully tomorrow it will clear up and we can be out here until 8. Sorry for any inconveniences, we will see you soon! #skirixenusa
May 19, 2018 It may be raining, but we are still here and running so long as there is no thunder or lightning! The cable is spinning until 7pm, so come on out and shred!! #skirixen #wakeboarding
May 18, 2018 Hands up for keeping the rain away!!! We are open today until 8pm, come get a shred!!! #skirixenusa #wakeboarding #liquidforce #sunsout
May 17, 2018 That's right, you can turn those frowns upside down because we are back open and running for the rest of the day! Stop by anytime until 8 p.m. and get some shred in despite the weather! #skirixenusa #wakeboarding #liquidforce #kingsofsummer
May 17, 2018 Who can't wait for the rain to stop? I know this guy does! Who wants to ride? #skirixenusa #wakeboarding #liquidforce #unitparktech
May 16, 2018 Hello, all! We are sorry for any inconveniences, but due to the stormy and rainy weather, we will be shutting down for the rest of the day. We are hoping to see you out here tomorrow along with some nice wakeboarding weather! Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience. Have a nice night! #skirixenusa #rain #thunderstorms
May 15, 2018 @WithShaneBonifay showing us that air tricks are still cool at this years #freeforall Thanks to @liquidforcewake for coming out and making this event great! #wakeboard #KingsOfSummer
May 13, 2018 From your first time on the board to your first flip off the kicker, the Ski Rixen team is by your side! #skirixenusa #wakeboarding #liquidforce #proam

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