Deerfield, FL (Ski Rixen USA, Quiet Waters Park)

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27.04.2017 Who's ready for the summer of a lifetime at Lake Rixen. Wake Camp kicks off June 12!!!
27.04.2017 College Thursday!
27.04.2017 Wake Camp Registration is now open! Register here:
27.04.2017 Winter Specials are still running! Thursday is College Day ! 3 Hours for $20 or $30 with an Obstacle Board!
26.04.2017 Today is Happy Hour! Buy a 2 Hour Pass and get 1 extra hour for FREE!
22.04.2017 Good Morning everyone! As of now the sun is out and shining bright, so come on in before that sunlight fades away. Todays special is Date Night : From 4-7 pm come in with your "Date" and both receive 25% off any time riding pass! ---------------------- The Wake Classes have been a blast over the past couple months! Make sure to register a spot ahead of time. To register please visit our website at or call us at 954-429-0215 if you have any questions or concerns.
22.04.2017 Picture by Reach Films Geoff Fagien
21.04.2017 Cable is spinning and we will be open from 12-5PM today to the public. Please note we will be closed from 5-7PM today for a Cable Exclusive.
21.04.2017 Summer is just around the corner and with that being said Registration for our wake camp is now available on our website @ . If you have any questions please feel free to call the shop @ 954-429-0215
20.04.2017 Today is college day! 3 hours for $20 or $30 with wakeboard!
20.04.2017 College Day! 3 Hours for $20 OR $30 with an Obstacle Board today!
19.04.2017 Happy Hour! Buy 2 hours today and get an extra hour for FREE!
18.04.2017 Tuesday! Bring a buddy and for just $10 extra they get the same pass!
15.04.2017 Its Saturday! Come on out from 12-7 to catch some time out on the water. Our classes have been filling up recently, so remember to register ahead of time on our website ( to reserve a spot in the class!
14.04.2017 Friday! Ladies get 50% off ANY pass today!
13.04.2017 Thursday is College Day! 3 Hours for $20 OR $30 for 3 Hours with an Obstacle Board!
12.04.2017 Happy Hour! Come ride with us today and get 3 hours for the price of 2!
11.04.2017 Buddy Pass Day! Buy one pass get the same pass for just $10 extra!
07.04.2017 Friday is Ladies Day! Ladies get 50% off ANY pass, come ride with us!
06.04.2017 Epic ness with NICK DAVIES
06.04.2017 We Love College Day! 3 Hours for $20 OR $30 with an Obstacle Board today!
05.04.2017 Another beautiful day at Ski Rixen. Specials are still running and today is Happy Hour. Buy a two hour pass and get an extra hour for FREE!
04.04.2017 Our Annual Liquid Force **FREE FOR ALL** is this Sunday (4/9/17)! You read that right, all day we open the cable and EVERYONE rides for FREE. Everything from board rentals to time riding on the water is FREE with no specials or gimmicks. Liquid Force is bringing their top of the line equipment for demo and even having the pro riders come out and coach new riders. We hope to see you here this Sunday! #Tellyourfriends #FreeForAll #LiquidForce #FreeSwag

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