Wild Rose, WI (Nordic Mountain)

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21.11.2017 Guns are back on! Getting ready for a White Friday re-opening. Stay tuned for details on runs and lifts. #Snowmaking #Staytuned #RideNordic Watch the Progress: http://www.nordicmountain.com/live-cam
18.11.2017 Bring it on!!! #Snowmuchfun #Snowmaking #Skiyasoon http://buffalonews.com/2017/11/16/polar-vortex-to-bring-extended-period-of-severe-winter-weather-in-2017-18/
18.11.2017 We will be CLOSED this weekend. Snowmaking temps return this week, and we plan to re-open November 24th! #thinksnow #snowmaking #staytuned
16.11.2017 Youth Lesson Programs are open for registration. Don't miss out, these programs fill fast. #Youthlessons #Registernow #Winteriscoming Details: http://www.nordicmountain.com/learn-to-programs
13.11.2017 We will be closed this week. We hope to reopen next weekend, stay tuned. In the mean time check out this winter prediction! Last time we saw a La Nina year there was near record snowfall and cold! #WinterIsComing #RideTheNord https://weather.com/news/climate/news/2017-11-09-la-nina-noaa-updates
12.11.2017 EARLIEST OPEN EVER! Yesterday was amazing! No reason to expect today won't be the same! Open today 10a - 4:30p! Come start the season with us!
12.11.2017 Thanks to every one that came out for our earliest opening ever! Come get some turns in before the Packer game tomorrow. #OpeningWeekend
11.11.2017 Our earliest opening ever!!!
11.11.2017 Opening Day and Veterans Day! Valid military ID gets you a free lift ticket. Can't wait to see everyone out there. Hours Sat & Sun 10am-4:30pm Tickets $25 Adult and $20 Child/Senior #TheNord #OpeningWeekend #Snowmaking #LetsDoThis Snow Report: http://www.nordicmountain.com/snow-report
10.11.2017 IT'S OFFICIAL our earliest opening in history! Open this Saturday and Sunday 10am-4:30pm. Open runs will be Hari Kari, Gentle Giant and Beginner area serviced by the triple chair and the NEW conveyor lift. Details on pricing can be found on our website. #TimeToRide #RideTheNord #Snowmaking #HugASnowmaker #SeasonPasses #ComeRide Tickets: $25 for adults and $20 for child/senior Snow Report: http://www.nordicmountain.com/snow-report

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