Treviso (Wakepark Cable7)

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+39 335 594 5518
Direction counterclockwise
Length 546m + 124m
Towers 5
Type Sesitec Full Size + System 2.0
Year of Construction 2016
Obstacles Transtition Curb, Rooftop Funbox, Banked Ledge, Kicker S, Andy Kolb Signature, Kicker M, Groom Table Long
Carriers 7


Jun 25, 2019 Torna la Domenica più caliente al Wakepark Cable 7 Treviso Dom 30 Giu LATIN WAKE Dalle ore 18.00 l'aperitivo Latino al Lago... Stage gratuito di BACHATA con Sonia Mirko Angeldance
Jun 25, 2019 L'aperitivo Latino al lago
Jun 23, 2019 QUESTA SERA... Dalle ore 18.00 vi aspettiamo! LATIN WAKE L'aperitivo latino al lago... Info:
Jun 20, 2019 QUASI QUASI cominciamo! Live from Wakepark Cable 7 Treviso
Jun 19, 2019 ☀ Yeah right, we are open! Everything is fine again! No more flooding only RIDING! ❌ Why don't you stop by? ❌ What about a short trip to CABLE7? ☀ We would love to see you!
Jun 18, 2019 Next event: DOM 23 GIU | Latin Wake - La Domenica Latina presso WakePark Cable 7
Jun 17, 2019 We would love to welcome you! Here you are - this weeks menu!
Jun 15, 2019 The LIFT is OPEN again friends!!!👍😊
Jun 13, 2019 Tempo splendido, QUASI QUASI vi aspettiamo... QUESTA SERA! QUASI QUASI il Giovedì di Treviso presso Wakepark Cable 7 Treviso #quasiquasi #wakeparkcable7 #streetfood #restaurant #art #paint #show #music

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