Treviso (Wakepark Cable7)

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+39 335 594 5518
Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Länge 546m + 124m
Masten 5
Typ Sesitec Full Size + System 2.0
Baujahr 2016
Obstacles Transtition Curb, Rooftop Funbox, Banked Ledge, Kicker S, Andy Kolb Signature, Kicker M, Groom Table Long
Mitnehmer 7


09.03.2019 👷 Stay cool on hot days ! Work in Progress :) 👷
08.03.2019 Save the Date!
01.03.2019 🔝 Well here we go friends: 🔝 The season has now officially started!
01.03.2019 💥 Yes friends - it was about time! 💥 SEASON HAS STARTED! Here you'll find our lift opening hours: We would love to see you and celebrate the start of the season with you guys! ...and if you should get hungry after a long day of wakeboarding... Don´t forget our APERICENA which we offer today for the very first time as well - from 18:30 - 22.00! 🍽️ Delicious food and music in a great atmosphere at the lake! What else do you need?🍽️ More? Until later, take care!
28.02.2019 🔥 SEASON STARTS // TOMORROW 🔥 Are you ready? We are ready for you guys! Just LIKE for "Hell YEAH, I am!" 👍
24.02.2019 🔥☀️
22.02.2019 ⏰ IT´S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN ⏰ Season Opening 2019 next friday - 01.03. ! ...only 7 days left! ...we are testing a bit for you already! We would love to welcome you and have a great start into the new season with you guys! 🔹CABLE7 is always worth a visit!

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