Thannhausen (Turncable)

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+49 8281/799508-0
Fahrrichtung beide Richtungen
Länge 480 m, 580 m
Masten 6
Typ Sesitec 2x full size + System 2.0
Baujahr 2009
Mitnehmer 6, 7


18.02.2019 Ihr sucht noch einen Job für diesen Sommer? Du möchtest dich in einem super Team mit tollen Leuten beweisen? Wir suchen für den kommenden Sommer noch Verstärkung in der Küche, an der Bar, in unserem Shop und am Lift! Sonnenschein inbegriffen. Schickt einfach eure Bewerbung an oder ruft uns einfach an! #sommerjob #wewantyou
30.01.2019 Big a** congrats to all the winners of this years Cable Mekka Awards 2019 – Awards Show !! What a night it was! Read the full recap on The Cable / Wakeboard Magazin via the link: #winnerwinnerchickendinner 👍🏻📸 by Jonas Speck Photography
14.01.2019 Happy new year to all of you! We also got our share of the winter wonderland! Who’s keen for summer already? #wakeboard #winterwonderland @ TURNCABLE
12.12.2018 Who else is daydreaming while the snow is falling outside??? #dreaming #summer #comeback
06.12.2018 Hohoho... ...hold it a second? Why is our “Nikolaus”🎅🏼 not riding a sled? Who would try this too? We wish you some pleasant days for the holiday season! #nikolaus #ringofsanta
18.11.2018 Anyone else already missing those views??? One of the last sunsets at our lake covered by LUCKY REEL Films #sunset #colors
06.11.2018 Have you seen the full battle between @manubitto & @flomerkle for the first @kingofinnsbruck WAKE Champion? Check it out! Link in our bio! 👆🏻🎥&⚔️by @luckyreelfilms
06.11.2018 Make sure to check this action out! And well, think about participating next summer! Thx King of Innsbruck & LUCKY REEL Films for the making and Florian Merkle & Manu Bitto for the action!
28.10.2018 We want to thank everybody once again! You made this season one for the books!! We are happy for all the good times and would be pleased to see you all next year again! #keepshredding #seeyounextseason

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