Thannhausen (Turncable)

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+49 8281/799508-0
Fahrrichtung beide Richtungen
Länge 480 m, 580 m
Masten 6
Typ Sesitec 2x full size + System 2.0
Baujahr 2009
Mitnehmer 6, 7


14.10.2018 Take a cruise with Maximilian Eigbert and his very own style to enjoy the late summer as long as possible! 📽&⚔️ by LUCKY REEL Films #style #matters
04.10.2018 Maybe you noticed we were missing a few obstacles lately. @nicovonlerchenfeld found them at @interboot.friedrichshafen for a night shooting. #onenightatinterboot #bringbacktherail
25.09.2018 Mornings are getting a bit fresher, but we’re still open for you all week long! Come over the water is still warm! #shredthefall #keepitup 📸 by LUCKY REEL Films
13.09.2018 Go big or go home... ...or wait, just come for the weekend and try how big you can go! 🚀 #letstrythis #letstrythisagain
02.09.2018 You want to get better on your wakeboard or wakeskate??? Come visit our #CoachCorner starting next Tuesday. Our Coach Sandro Reinhardt will be there from 18:00 till the cables close with all the knowledge and support you need!! #learnnewlines
27.08.2018 You want to upgrade your wakeboard gear or outfit and save some bucks at the same time? We have up to 50% sale on almost all your needs in our store now!!! Come by and check it out!! 💣💰#sale #deals
23.08.2018 Even wakeboards have no wheels our man from the kitchen @raja_a_gemini says „I can do a wheelie“ - Raja (2018) #weareallaboutwakeboarding 📸 by @lukassan
19.08.2018 Although Florian Merkle is almost only surfing nowadays, he’s still a load of style and fun on our cable! ✂️&🎥 by LUCKY REEL Films #handinthepocket
16.08.2018 Cool down like Max Wardian on those nice summer days! And by the way, that’s a wakeskate he’s on! 📸 by LUCKY REEL Films #wakeskate #summer

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