Springfield, MO (The Ski Shack)

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22.05.2018 This Malibu Boats M235 won’t be hard to spot on Table Rock.
21.05.2018 Memorial Day Weekend is only 5 short days away. That's plenty of time to still get a boat and get out on the water this weekend. Come see us so you're not watching everyone have fun from shore.
15.05.2018 Have you seen our amazing lineup of Chris-Craft boats? They'll be turning heads on Table Rock all summer long!
14.05.2018 Little rain at night, Little Sun During the day, Summer is basically here.
13.05.2018 Happy Mother's Day to all of your awesome Moms out there! Hope you get to hit the water for a little bit!
09.05.2018 Our friends from Follow have some killer new products dropping. You won't want to miss this.
08.05.2018 It's that time of year! The cable park is officially open! During the week we are open with a reservation 24 hours in advance, and we are fully open from 10-5 on Saturdays. We will start our full time summer hours on May 21, and summer camps will begin June 4th! Call to book now!
02.05.2018 We've got a great lineup of 2018 Bennington Pontoon Boats in stock now! Get the whole family on the lake this summer and have a blast!
30.04.2018 These warm temps will have Table Rock water temps climbing in no time. Who is ready to get some riding in?
26.04.2018 Throwback Thursday to the Malibu Boats Corvette edition. Who remembers these?!

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