South Cerney, Oxford (WMSki)

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Baujahr 2006


29.05.2017 Awesome work team WMSki!!!
23.03.2017 This is a great idea Quays! #knowYourGrabsPeeps
07.02.2017 Shall we invite Barack to come & learn to wakeboard instead?
30.01.2017 As you know myself and Mike Walker are currently in the final stages of planning to relocate the full sized cable & system 2.0 to a new wake park. It would be a great help, if you haven’t already, to show your support by commenting on the council website by clicking the link below. We look forward with everybody’s support to rebuild our sorely missed Cable Park. Cheers Steve Dyer. N.B deadline for commenting is 9th Feb.
20.01.2017 Great to see a great article on the WMSki riders that competed in the Grassroots Tour in British Water Ski & Wakeboard mag this monrth! James Whiting Kay Ransom Rachel Mills Emily Lowsley-Williams Sanj Anderson Nick Evans Jenny Owen
17.01.2017 So some good news folks with regards to the new full sized cable ski. The council have confirmed they have everything they need from us and this information has been validated. The determination date is the 29th March 2017 (to clarify a decision will be made with regards to the planning application that day). If you’d like to support the application /see what’s been going on please see this link:
18.11.2016 Go James!
18.11.2016 Go rach!
18.11.2016 Go Emily!
18.11.2016 Go ransomator
18.11.2016 Go John!
13.11.2016 We finally got hold of a copy of the Wilts & Glos Standard! Nice one WMSki crew!
04.11.2016 We're in the top 11 wake parks in the UK! Woo hoo
01.11.2016 We LOVE a bit of press!
31.10.2016 Well done to all those who've competed in competitions this year representing WMSki. Let's see even more next year :-) !

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