Roermond (Beaver Creek Wake Park)

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Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Höhe 11 m
Länge 580 m
Masten 5
Typ Full Size + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2018
Mitnehmer 7


13.09.2018 INFO: @wakeparkroermond will be closed on September 27th. Back open on September 28th...oh ja, and thats a 900 from @daniel_rutten , his wake camp is going down on Saturday @wakeparkroermond ! #markyourcalendars #trysomethingnew @roermondcity
13.09.2018 Super happy @wakeparkroermond made it in the @thecablemag with @nicovonlerchenfeld on @unit_parktech ! Thank you so much for this rad shot!
07.09.2018 CAMP-TIME: It was a pleasure for us to meet @daniel_rutten this year, such a nice guy and what a good boarder! We are very pleased to announce that he will be here for a wake camp next week on Saturday (15.09.18). Starts at 12h, ends at 18h. Day ticket, lunch, two drinks and individual coaching in a small group included. 1h exclusive cable time for camp participants only. Limited slots available, first come first wake :)... #allabilitylevelsserved #learnsomethingnew #wakecamp #thisiswhatwecamefor Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond Liquid Force Nederland Rixen Cableways UNIT Parktech Roermond City
02.09.2018 Our very own @mike_stroeken got the money shot yesterday! @unit_parktech @rixen_cableways @liquidforcenederland #sundowner #wakeboarding #lakelife #roermond #roermondoutlet
01.09.2018 Try something new and hit the kicker like @rickylukassen @wakeparkroermond @liquidforcenederland @rixen_cableways @unit_parktech @mastercraft_germany
24.08.2018 After three days of mowing and some truckloads water plants we are ready to welcome you back! #seeyoulateraligator @wakeparkroermond @liquidforcenederland @mastercraft_germany @rixen_cableways @unit_parktech @ Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond
21.08.2018 ANNOUNCEMENT: @wakeparkroermond will be closed until Thursday evening, back open on Friday, because we are mowing waterplants with this #mowboat . Stay tuned for updates.
15.08.2018 Feature for sale: Looking for a new wakeboard / wakeskate feature? We have one for you. This indistructable hdpe funbox is tons of joy and suitable for any fullsize or 2-Tower cable. Please share, provision will be payed if you help us find a new home for this one. Price is 3.200€. PM for more info. @wakeparkroermond @liquidforcenederland @mastercraft_germany @rixen_cableways #featureforsale
14.08.2018 Video about the Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond.
14.08.2018 Check the B.C. Wake Park experience and swing by soon! Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond Rixen Cableways UNIT Parktech Liquid Force Nederland Gulpener Bierbrouwerij fritz-kola

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