Roermond (Beaver Creek Wake Park)

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Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Höhe 11 m
Länge 580 m
Masten 5
Typ Full Size + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2018
Mitnehmer 7


17.11.2018 Good night wake boat, have a good winter sleep and see you back in spring! @mastercraft_germany #wakeboarding #roermond #wakepark #lakelife
27.10.2018 ATTENTION: Last day of our regular opening hours tomorrow (14-17h)! Come by for a last spin! Please note: We might open the cable on weekends with good weather in off season, check our webpage, Instagram or Facebook for the latest information, if you want to come by with a bigger group, send us a mail ( and we see what we can do... @wakeparkroermond
07.10.2018 Bump! Our new opening hours are: Wednesday and Friday 15h-sundown, Saturday and Sunday 13h-sundown!
03.10.2018 Come and visit: Los Bumpos, The Wall and PipePipe, 3 of our 6 new @unit_parktech obstacles rideable @wakeparkroermond until end of October! #wakeboarding #roermond #wakepark #wakeparkroermond @rixen_cableways @wakesys @liquidforcenederland @ Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond
02.10.2018 Tomorrow we will already be open at 13h! Those two fellows are already looking forward to see you than...#wakeparkroermond #wakeboarding #roermond #wakepark #labrador #teckel
28.09.2018 All anchors for six new @unit_parktech obstacles in the water, obstacles are being set at the moment, rideable from 16h00 today until the end of the season, favorite 2 will stay... #unithacks #whatsyourfavourite @rixen_cableways @mastercraft_germany #wakeboaring #lakelife #trynewlines #wakepark #roermond #wakeparkroermond
13.09.2018 INFO: @wakeparkroermond will be closed on September 27th. Back open on September 28th...oh ja, and thats a 900 from @daniel_rutten , his wake camp is going down on Saturday @wakeparkroermond ! #markyourcalendars #trysomethingnew @roermondcity
13.09.2018 Super happy @wakeparkroermond made it in the @thecablemag with @nicovonlerchenfeld on @unit_parktech ! Thank you so much for this rad shot!
07.09.2018 CAMP-TIME: It was a pleasure for us to meet @daniel_rutten this year, such a nice guy and what a good boarder! We are very pleased to announce that he will be here for a wake camp next week on Saturday (15.09.18). Starts at 12h, ends at 18h. Day ticket, lunch, two drinks and individual coaching in a small group included. 1h exclusive cable time for camp participants only. Limited slots available, first come first wake :)... #allabilitylevelsserved #learnsomethingnew #wakecamp #thisiswhatwecamefor Beaver Creek Wake Park Roermond Liquid Force Nederland Rixen Cableways UNIT Parktech Roermond City
02.09.2018 Our very own @mike_stroeken got the money shot yesterday! @unit_parktech @rixen_cableways @liquidforcenederland #sundowner #wakeboarding #lakelife #roermond #roermondoutlet

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