Pwllheli (Glasfryn Wake Park)

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+44 1766 810202
Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec 3x System 2.0
Baujahr 2010


28.06.2017 With the Welsh Wakeboard Open fast aproaching we still have room for you guys to enter at: Its gonna be a great weekend to rival last years event. A staggering prize pot of £3000 to the winners of their catagories why not come over and give it a shot. British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF Just Wake - Tattershall Lakes Water Park Attractions Of Snowdonia Llyn Adventures
23.06.2017 2 Weeks to go until our International 3 star competition make sure you get booked in at E-mail: Attractions Of Snowdonia British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF Llyn Adventures
19.06.2017 With the welsh wakeboard open fast approaching, on the 8th July. Don't forget to make time to come up for the weekend and watch! Then you can try your hand at competing on Sunday 9th July with our stop of Industry Wake Parks Grassroots Tour. See you There!
16.06.2017 3 Weeks to go until our International 3 star competition make sure you get booked in at E-mail: for more info British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF
11.06.2017 Make sure you pick up a flyer for the welsh wakeboard open, offering a great deal and all you have to do is come down on the day and watch the event! We are offering groups of 4 beginner lessons for just £50, so a massive £30 discount. We will teach you how to get up on the board and to start edging on our perfect beginner cable. All you have to do is pop down to the competition on the 8th or 9th of july and get your flyer signed by a senior member of staff for it to be valid.
09.06.2017 4 Weeks to go until our International 3 star competition make sure you get booked in at British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF
06.06.2017 The Grassroots Tour will be stopping at Glasfryn Wakeparc on Sunday 9th July!
05.06.2017 We Love Llŷn have an incredible watersports feature in the latest issue. Here's a sneak peak of the article about our wake parc. Cheers Mantis Pro Media for the incredible shots.
03.06.2017 5 weeks to go until our international IWWF 3 star competition make sure you head over to to enter and check out all the info needed at Attractions Of Snowdonia British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF Llyn Adventures Union Wakeboarder Alliance Wake
23.05.2017 2 awesome comps in 1 epic weekend! Register now!
19.05.2017 We are pleased to announce that the competition page for the Welsh Wakeboard Open is up and running, for you guys to put your names down. Attractions Of Snowdonia Alliance Wake Hybrid Wakeboard Magazine Just Wake - Tattershall Lakes Water Park JBSki. Wake-Ski-Watersports British Water Ski & Wakeboard IWWF
14.05.2017 **WELSH WAKEBOARD OPEN 2017** Pleased to announce we will once again be hosting the Welsh Wakeboard Open JULY 7-9 2017! This is an IWWF and BWSW event with 400 CWWC World Ranking Points and a prize pot totalling £3,000 available! The Welsh Wakeboard Open will be followed by the Industry Wake Parks Grassroots Tour Stop on Sunday 9 July. Watch this space for more details...
08.05.2017 check out this sick 2017 team edit from Watersports World UK. Supplying great kit to keep you going through the year.
25.04.2017 We had some lads down at the weekend busting out 3's for the first time. Just goes to show all those surface 360's you did Dom are worth it are worth it. Rider: Dom Video: Gavin Davies
24.03.2017 Jobs! Here at glasfryn we are looking for some enthusiastic Wakeboarder's to come and work up at the lake. Previous experience and an operating licence would be ideal but we can train you in how to coach other riders. You will meet lots of like minded people and progress your wakeboarding ability no end during a summer at Glasfryn. We need another full time coach that would help out around the parc on the quiet days and another part time member that would be available to work weekends and school holidays. For more information please call Bas on 01766 810 000. Gwaith! Rydym yn chwilio am Donfyrddwyr brwdfrydig i ddod i weithio yma, os hoffwch fwy o fanylion plis ffoniwch 01766 810 000 a gofynnwch i siarad efo Bas.
20.03.2017 After a weekend of some brave souls getting in the lake, its been decided that the lake is warming up, we expect to see you all ready to ride at easter. So heres Raph Derome to get us all in the mood.
02.03.2017 Anybody else wishing for some warm winter days? Luckily the parc will be up and running again in late march so you can slip some neoprene on and have a shred.
24.02.2017 'it's just two brothers really' a cracking edit from Mantis Pro Media and the peacock brothers pushing wakeboarding in a brilliant direction. #rascal #shrimpboi #incontrol
09.02.2017 Cheshire lakes have re-subbmited there planning if you could give it a read and see what theyre trying to do, leave some positive comments on the council page if you feel like it. It will be a huge boost in the wakeboarding community boosting the accesability to alot of people.
30.01.2017 Check out this sick edit from Jake Pelot riding some of the sweet 2017 Ronix Wake gear. Should start to get you hyped for the summer.
17.01.2017 A small edit fropm the summer by a local lad Rhys Elvins showing of the beautiful area we are based in and some quality local products Oshea Surf
08.01.2017 It's a brisk and foggy day up at the lake today. Getting excited about that summer weather though!
09.12.2016 Cable 3 getting a well deserved renovation. #renovation #wakeparc #system2.0 #sesitec #wake #wakeboarding #shredready #rust #chrome

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