Penryn, Cornwall (Kernow Adventure Park)

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29.11.2018 Give experiences not things this Christmas, with a Gift Voucher from Kernow Adventure Park
08.10.2018 We're proud to be plastic free Falmouth hub!
03.10.2018 Well, that's a wrap! Sunday was the last day of the season and after a few days of letting the dust settle, we're looking back on another fantastic season. A HUGE thank you to everyone who visited us this summer, not least to every member of our awesome staff and all of those at Gather - cafe classroom too. This year really was a belter, we can't wait to see what next year holds. Kernow Adventure Park out (until next year)...
25.09.2018 Where did this summer go?! We can’t believe the season is nearly at an end! We’ll be closing for the season on the 30th, so come on down for a last session. Also, just a quick heads up, there will be no more open water swimming this year as Sunday is our last day!
17.09.2018 We were sent this awesome poem by Milly’s Mum. We’re so touched she picked us as her favourite place in Cornwall. Keep up the great writing Milly and we’ll see you soon.
14.08.2018 This Saturday, we'll be donating £5 from every Aqua Park session to the RNLI. They're kindly coming down for the day to partake in talks about what they do and safety in the water! Come on down, for a fun day out that gives back to the community.
25.07.2018 This Sunday, who's down?! Don't forget to book your space on the event, just follow the link below
04.07.2018 Hands up if you're excited for the summer holidays?

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