New Braunfels, TX (Texas Ski Ranch)

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Aug 11, 2019 Switching up the hours for the cable but our summer specials are still in full swing! #newbraunfels #wakeboarding #lakedays
Aug 8, 2019 This is Chase. Chase likes to wakeboard. Chase is extra pumped for the Final showdown tonight. Be like Chase. #whospumped #showdown #wakeboarding #finalshowdown #texasskiranch
Aug 7, 2019 Who’s ready to throw down and the FINAL SHOWDOWN tomorrow??? Don’t miss out on the fun and games we’ll have out here! TSR TOP 10 from the summer will be given their trophies based on all of their scores- and tomorrow’s comp could have a SERIOUS impact- the scores are just a couple points away from each other! BOARD BAR will be open for all of your grown up drink desires, and we’ll have a Finding Nemo bounce house for the kiddos! Remember to BYOS (bring your own shirt) for the tie-dye station!! RIDERS don’t forget to register BEFORE 4pm tomorrow!! Great opportunity to really practice for nationals! Plus- sign up for some wakeskate skeeball if you’re pumped on it! #somanyactivities #thefinalshowdown #tsrfun #texasskiranch #wakeboard #competition #pointschase #skeeball #summerfun
Aug 6, 2019 Planning their moves for the Final Showdown this week! 😎 Thursday at 5pm- don’t miss it! RIDERS don’t forget to REGISTER! We’ll also be adding a wakeskate skeeball division for fun! #showdowns #texasskiranch #thursdays #wakeboard #cableparks
Aug 2, 2019 @_zach_montez_ gettin pumped for our tie dye station at The Final Showdown!! Come out this next Thursday and BYOS (bring your own shirt(s)!) and get your tie-dye on, TSR style! #texasskiranch #summertime #thefinalshowdown #tsrtiedye #gettingreadyfornationals 📸:
Aug 1, 2019 Two more showdowns left! August 1st and 8th, both Thursdays, both starting at 5pm! Riders- don’t forget to register, and be sure to check the link posted to Facebook for details about the Final Showdown next week! #texasskiranch #thursdaynights #newbraunfels #wakeboarding #girlsthatshred 📸:
Jul 31, 2019 The Final Showdown of 2019 is around the corner! -
Jul 30, 2019 @gavindudedoody wondering where all you Early Birds have been!! The best special out there only has a little more than a month left- don’t miss out on getting to ride ALL MORNING for only $25, Monday through Friday!! #texasskiranch #earlybirdspecial #newbraunfels #summer #wakeboarding 📸:
Jul 25, 2019 Beauty and the board ☀️ #texasskiranch #wheredreamscometrue @liquidforcewake
Jul 24, 2019 24 hours until showdown registration for tomorrow closes! Sign up now to compete- one two more weeks to qualify for nationals! #texasskiranch #thursdaynights #showdown 📸:

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