Melbourne (Cable Park)

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Masten 5
Typ 2x Full Size + 1x 2 tower
Baujahr 2016


18.11.2017 Blue skies and sunshine everywhere today at Climb Melbourne and our "Yes" rainbow is installed. Can't wait to see how Melbourne handles our Rainbow challenge. Tag a friend who needs to put Climb Melbourne on their must do list this summer and scale the Rainbow challenge with you. Opens Dec 2017. @getreadymelbourne
17.11.2017 Sneak Peek Time........Opens Dec 2017. Tag a friend who you think has the courage and skill to tame "Climb Melbourne". - 5 Levels - 2 Separate courses - Free Fall Experience - Giant Swing - Over 110 graded challenge elements - Ages 3yo upwards - Visitor viewing deck Make sure you follow & like our page for more details.
17.11.2017 Wanna save time when you arrive for RDO Monday? If you are coming to RDO Monday (3 more sleeps) be sure you fill in your waiver and save time when you arrive. Tag a mate to remind them. Get them to fill in the waiver too and they will be as happy as Jake is with today's weather.
15.11.2017 Wanna have a crack at Wakeboarding. Been waiting for the beginners classes. Wait no more. Beginners sessions start tomorrow. Every Thursday. 4-6pm. Tag a mate who needs to come to the Beginner Sessions.
15.11.2017 Did you master the Aqua Fun Park last summer ? Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja Master. Tag a mate who needs to brush up on their Ninja skills and take up your challenge !!! Make sure you like our page. More details to follow. BE READY!!
15.11.2017 Awesome to see the local media get on board and support the call for the local freeway underpass. The State Government is even offering to pay. Come on Kingston Councillors - its time to stop talking and get it happening. Fix the problem and take away the safety concerns and build this missing link. Your residents are speaking - please listen and act. The residents, the local school, the local businesses all support this project and best of all it is only a couple of hundred metres of shared footpath. You guys are great at building connected bicycle paths just like this so you would should be able to knock this over very quickly.
14.11.2017 Very refreshing to see a couple of our local politicians actually getting on with fixing local issues. Local Cornish College parent Tara Broderick has started a petition to get the freeway underpass built to allow safe access for local students & residents. Kingston Councillor Cr Tamsin Bearsley has been a huge supporter of the underpass project for years. Local Mordialloc MP Tim Richardson has thrown his support behind the push. Tim has committed to getting the State Government behind the push to get Kingston council to stopping talking about the delivering this important local community infrastructure and actually commit to delivering the project. Well done Tamsin & Tim walking the talk and actually getting on with this. Love your work. Help show your support by signing Tara's online petition.
14.11.2017 Ninja Aqua Park time coming soon.
14.11.2017 Get Ready Melbourne....
14.11.2017 Woo Hoo - Public Transport Victoria is looking to change to the Bus Routes to service the Melbourne Cable Park better. This is your chance to help get the Park connected to Metro train network and the Bus network. If you live local you can have your say and help get public transport connections for Cornish College, The Craft & Co - Farm and Jolong Park. To have you say make sure you attend one of the two community information sessions. 23 November 2017 Drop-in engagement session, 12pm - 2pm Longbeach Place, 15 Chelsea Road, Chelsea 3196 27 November 2017 Drop-in engagement session, 4pm - 6pm Parkdale Secondary College, West Wing, Warne Road, Mordialloc 3195

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