Melbourne (Cable Park)

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24.03.2019 #outdoorslifestyle Perfect day for the family to be out and about. Melbourne Cable Park is in full swing today. The Cable is spinning on all three lakes, Climb is in full swing and the Aqua Park is full of families while the cafe is pumping our iced coffee's everywhere. Best of all the our friends from the Drag Boats are on next door !!! No shortage of things to do in Bangholme this weekend and every weekend.
22.03.2019 He is back !!! Lachie can not seem to stay away now he has the bug for it. Amazing progress in a couple of weeks to be now getting the whole way around the lake. Tonight Lachie was riding with his amazing sister Eliza and their friend Cassie with Mum and Dad, enjoying seeing their kids outdoors off technology and having fun. Tag a family you know who needs to meet your family at the Melbourne Cable Park for a catch up.
22.03.2019 Who needs an office when you have a Cable Park handy. Tag a mate who needs take a leaf our of Kellie's book and move their office down to the Cable Park. Book your Co-working space now
18.03.2019 How great was it to have Keysborough College's visit us last week ? They had an absolute ball thanks to the awesome organisational efforts of Virgina. Hope to see you back again soon. If you are thinking about organising a school event or work function then let us know - we would love to help you organise it.
17.03.2019 Check out the video from Sam's session on the Main Cable Lake today !!!! Sam is completely Blind !!!! Today was his first time on a kneeboard and he nailed it elevating himself to absolute LEGEND status. So stoked that we could be part of this epic day for Tess & Sam. Thanks guys - look forward to seeing you back soon.
17.03.2019 What a privileged to have the Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy visit during the week. An awesome crew who were not shy about trying the Aqua Fun Park and High Ropes. We hope the muscles were not too sore afterwards. Tag or share with someone who needs to your organise your team or corporate function at the Melbourne Cable Park
17.03.2019 How good are this pair of legends !!!! Meet Tess and Sam. They are blind but that but that did not stop them jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn and heading down to the Melbourne Cable Park for an early morning session on the Cable. It was Sam's birthday a few weeks ago so Tess decided to see if they could wakeboard / kneeboard at the Park as a bit of a surprise present for Sam - (we all need more friends like Tess!!!). They were nothing short of amazing. By far two of the fastest learners we have seen in a long time. We learnt so much about how to help teach people with vision impairment that we plan to expand our programs further thanks to the fantastic inspiration from Tess and Sam this morning. We love making the Melbourne Cable Park as inclusive as possible for all Victorians and any visitors from interstate and overseas. Come visit if you live local or if you are heading to Melbourne for an awesome holiday - look us up. Special thanks to all of the team who came in super early this morning to help with Tess and Sam. It is a privilege to work alongside you !!!
17.03.2019 How can you not love a Melbourne Sunset > #grassrootswakeboarding #ridelocal
17.03.2019 Local legend and international Superstar Charlie Shore judging the Autumn Ride Series. #grassrootswakeboarding #ridelocal
17.03.2019 Don't forget the 3rd round of the Autumn Ride Series is happening on Saturday 30th March 3:00pm onwards. Put the date in your diary. Come on down and enjoy Grass Roots wakeboarding at it's best. Enjoy the family fun and see some awesome riding down at your local Melbourne Cable Park. Tag or share with a friends who needs to put aside the afternoon and join you for a drink and a great afternoon of local riding. Check out some of the action from the earlier rounds of the series. pics - Lars Knarre

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