London (Wake Up Docklands)

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23.03.2017 Does anyone need to revalidate their 1st aid qualification? We could host a 1 day Aquatic course through Cloud9 Pursuits which will cost £66.00 plus certificate fees. Minimum 5 people required.
17.03.2017 Good times are coming at WakeUp Docklands. Not long to wait now!
09.03.2017 Why you should stand up paddleboard at WakeUp Docklands @SUPDocklands 🤘
12.02.2017 Check out this video featuring Fabio Secci...No limits at WakeUp Docklands!! 🤘💪💪💪
08.02.2017 Getting fit for the new season! Are you hard enough? 💪💪💪
07.02.2017 Just in case this is of interest. ITV are looking for brilliant contestants for a water based challenge show called Cannonball. Filming is aboard I think. Apply here:
05.02.2017 Nice shirt Joe! 🏝
28.01.2017 Are you hard enough for #wakefit @wakeupdocklands? 💪💪💪
25.01.2017 #wakefit @wakeupdocklands is catching on. Get in on it while you can! You know you want to...💪💪💪
21.01.2017 Is it glassy or is it icy? Hardcore #wakefit @wakeupdocklands 💪💪💪
19.01.2017 Are you hard enough? 💪 #wakefit brought to you by @WakeUpDocklands
14.01.2017 Hardcore pre-season fitness training sessions brought to you by WakeUp Docklands! #wakeupdocklands
11.01.2017 We're not open for the 2017 season yet but you can get fit and ready....
08.12.2016 You can now buy Wakeupdocklands Christmas vouchers via our website! Stay warm and see you in the spring!
30.11.2016 Why wait til summer? Silly question! 😂 ❄️☃️
28.11.2016 One of the best around - the whole community at wakeupdocklands wishes you the fastest of recoveries. #Bensquad
25.11.2016 Nice one Zac! 🤘
24.11.2016 Some nice obstacles from Karken...
23.11.2016 Should we bring this to London next season? Might be cool in Canary Wharf....or Trafalgar Square....or on Southbank. Any other suggestions?
21.11.2016 Looking forward to seeing Scotty @wakeupdocklands again in 2017!

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