Little Elm, TX (Hydrous - Lake Lewisville)

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26.04.2017 We are closed today due to the weather. We will reopen tomorrow at 2pm.
22.04.2017 Today is the day! First comp of 2017! You definitely dont want to miss out! Cable open to the public from 12pm - 6pm
20.04.2017 If this edit doesn't get you pumped to wakeboard, I dont know what will! Team CWB Board Co. Rider JB ONeill showing all the kids how its done! Go big and go "Full Send". Cable spinning today: 2pm - 7:30pm
17.04.2017 The countdown begins! Only 5 days until the 2017 WakeWell Kicker Comp at Hydrous Little Elm! Come out this week and get your practice on! Cable spinning 2pm-7:30 all week long!
16.04.2017 Happy Easter to all of our #Hydrous family! Both parks will be open today from 12pm-5pm
14.04.2017 Make Good Friday a great Friday at Hydrous Little Elm! Come get your shred on today! Cable spinning: 12pm -7:30pm
12.04.2017 Come out next weekend April 22 for the 6th annual WakeWell Kicker Contest at Hydrous Little Elm. Join us as we kick off the 2017 season with the very first contest of the year! Dont miss out on some high flying action and some fun in the sun!
12.04.2017 Never too young to start wakeboarding at #Hydrous ! Sign up for 2017 Summercamp. #brotherandsister #minipro 📸 @velocityfyrephotography Water temps are perfect! Cable is spinning: 2pm - 7:30pm
08.04.2017 It's the fliping weekend! Come do some flips! Water temps are perfect! #wakeboardseason Both parks open: 12pm-7:30pm
06.04.2017 Whoever said #butter was bad for you, must not be a wakeboarder? #butterdayatthecable Cable Spinning: 2pm - 7pm
03.04.2017 Spring is here & everything is looking fresh! Filmed/Edited by Seth Colbert Music Cred: Bonjour, Jeff Kaale. Towers Tap House #wakeboard #lakelewisville #LittleElm #Texas #Bar
29.03.2017 We are back! All repairs are done and we are back up and spinning. 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
24.03.2017 The start to 2017 has been great so far! Looking forward to a great weekend to add to the books! Little Elm spinning today at 2pm! Temps in the upper 70's Come and get it!
22.03.2017 Local riders Trey Romine & Keith Holley having some fun in this warm weather! Filmed/Edited by Seth Colbert - Music Cred: Life Could Be A Dream, Future James. *Turn HD on*
18.03.2017 Both parks are running all weekend long! Dust off those boards and come take a set at #Hydrous . With temps in the 80's now is the perfect time to ride!😎
11.03.2017 Nothing better than #butter on a saturday! Both parks open today! 12pm - 7pm #comeandgetitkids
08.03.2017 For all the lady shredders out there we support you! Ladies ride FREE today at Hydrous Little Elm! Thanks for all you have done to progress the sport! #killingitdaily #onandoffthewater
06.03.2017 Spring Break 2017 is here and Hydrous Little Elm is spinning for the next 2 weeks straight! Come take advantage of this beautiful spring weather! 3/6 - 3/18 Opens everyday: 12pm - Dark
02.03.2017 Temps in the mid 60's today and no wind! Cable will be spinning: 3pm-dark
25.02.2017 Well, it has actually turned out to be a beautiful day! Cable spinning: 12pm-6pm #nowind #nolines #justbutter
22.02.2017 Highs in the mid 80's today! Best day this week to ride! Cable spinning: 12pm -6pm
21.02.2017 Suns out guns out! #weldergun #sup Beautiful day to shred! Cable spinning: 2pm-dark
20.02.2017 Happy President's Day!! Cable spinning 2pm-dark today!
18.02.2017 Perfect day to learn to wakeboard! Short lines and sunshine! #winter #texas

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