Indian River, Michigan (WakeFire)

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+1 231-818-8050
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Baujahr 2014


25.06.2017 You can really get caught up in the excitement of watching a father and his two sons learn to wakeboard! They were quick learners! Nice job guys!
24.06.2017 Our young at heart 70 year old has mastered the 180! Way to go Ross!
11.06.2017 Father and son bonding time! We're so glad you stopped in and gave it a try Jeff.
05.06.2017 10 year old Cade came back to tackle the big kicker! He nailed it! This little guy is awesome!
05.06.2017 Was a little chilly at the start of our day but it didn't stop these two! Nice job you guys!
04.06.2017 New Wakefire Wakeboards
04.06.2017 At the end of the day, a little cable therapy for back spasms!
04.06.2017 A father (former competitor)and son stopped in. So fun to watch these two!
04.06.2017 One of our young riders today! First time on a cable park, didn't take him long to master the turn. Nice job!
28.05.2017 Awesome job, for first time at a cable park! You nailed it Carson!
21.05.2017 Handle's attached! Cables will be spinning Memorial weekend. 11:00 to's looking like a warm one.
10.03.2017 Zach, enjoying Spring Break at Santa Rosa Beach!
22.02.2017 A fun clip Travis Jensen made for Zach!
02.02.2017 Ready to wakeboard? Haha ya I know, it's 17 degrees out right now. Just wishful thinking!
18.01.2017 Weather like this, makes me think of this!
25.12.2016 Merry Christmas Everyone! May you have a safe and Happy New Year!
28.09.2016 Nice video clip of Derek!
05.09.2016 Kids just wanna have fun!
04.09.2016 Check out this edit and aerial views of the cablepark! Produced by riders Pat and Andrew and photographer Dustin
03.09.2016 Ok folks last big weekend of the summer! As summer winds down, so do we. After Labor Day cablepark hours will be by appointment only. We will gladly come out and open for you, just give us a call 231-818-8050. A big thank you to those who came out and rode the cablepark!! Have a great weekend and be safe!

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