Indian River, Michigan (WakeFire)

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+1 231-818-8050
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Baujahr 2014


10.03.2017 Zach, enjoying Spring Break at Santa Rosa Beach!
22.02.2017 A fun clip Travis Jensen made for Zach!
02.02.2017 Ready to wakeboard? Haha ya I know, it's 17 degrees out right now. Just wishful thinking!
18.01.2017 Weather like this, makes me think of this!
25.12.2016 Merry Christmas Everyone! May you have a safe and Happy New Year!
28.09.2016 Nice video clip of Derek!
05.09.2016 Kids just wanna have fun!
04.09.2016 Check out this edit and aerial views of the cablepark! Produced by riders Pat and Andrew and photographer Dustin
03.09.2016 Ok folks last big weekend of the summer! As summer winds down, so do we. After Labor Day cablepark hours will be by appointment only. We will gladly come out and open for you, just give us a call 231-818-8050. A big thank you to those who came out and rode the cablepark!! Have a great weekend and be safe!
02.09.2016 Hope you enjoy this edit Derek put together! We miss his visits at our cablepark! But glad to see he's doing so well!
29.08.2016 Looking to ride in the next few days? Only taking reservations Monday and Wednesday. Closed Tuesday. Back to regular hours on Thursday! Call 231-818 8050
19.08.2016 Just a few more days with this guy and then he's off to college! Going to miss you Dylan!
17.08.2016 Due to thunderstorms in the area for the next few hours, we will wait until 1:00 to open.
13.08.2016 Instruction for beginner wakeboarder!
11.08.2016 While the kids were enjoying pizza, the coaches got some riding in! Thanks for coming out Boyne Mountain Wake Camp! Hope to see you next year!
10.08.2016 Campers from Boyne Wake Camp are having a blast here today!
08.08.2016 What an exciting day!
07.08.2016 Happy Birthday Hadley! For a first timer you were awesome!!!
06.08.2016 Cablepark,not just for wakeboarding! Nice job David!

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