Glasgow (Wake Park)

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+44 7415 787260
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Baujahr 2016


21.04.2018 Summer's here. Who's up for a Sunday session? Call us to book your spot 07415787260.
17.04.2018 Filming again today at Glasgow Wakepark. It went so well, the interviewer decided to jump in for her first ever Wakeboard session.
13.04.2018 Brighten up your weekend with a bit of boarding! We have plenty of space on Saturday so give us a call or message to get booked in 07415787260.
07.04.2018 Here's the prefect kids set up. Get some practice in on the Easter holidays and you could be going upside down like Eve!
01.04.2018 We had an awesome day hosting Celtwake 2018. There was a fantastic turnout with over 50 people competing from 11 universities/colleges. The standard was amazing with the Irish boys leading the way. Thanks to #Lochlomondwakeboard #Redbull #Foxlake #Summits #Tunnocks #Silverstick for their support with the comp.
24.03.2018 Busy day today with loads of students getting practice sets in for next weeks Celtwake comp. We still have plenty of space tomorrow 3 o'clock onwards , hit us up if you want to ride.
22.03.2018 We got lucky on Monday and had a great day filming for Glasgow Life with Marc and Ali going big! It looks like is going to be another nice day on Saturday let us know if you want to ride.
17.03.2018 Well done to the hardy boys and girls who helped start the 2018 season with a Brrrrr!!!!
14.03.2018 The banners are back up , it's nearly go time!!!
07.03.2018 It's time to reclaim the park from these guys. We are going to open Saturday 17th March give us a call if you want to book in for the first ride of the season!

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