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21.09.2017 ‼️Foxlake Grassroots Competition Schedule‼️ If you have not signed up already do not worry. You can sign up on the day or give us a call on 01620860657 and we will sign you up. 🔹Practice sets - 8am to 12.20pm The earlier the better, we will make sure everyone gets at least 1 practice set but please be patient with us. Rookie category riders have priority on cable 2 as they are riding first. You are more than welcome to come down, do your practice set then leave and come back for the start of the competition. 🔹Rider briefing - 12.20pm to 12.30pm 🔹Competition start - 12.30pm We will be starting with the junior rookie category followed by women’s rookie then men’s rookie etc. 🔹All rookie categories on cable 2 🔹All other categories on cable 1 🔹Prize giving will be at the end of the day after all the categories have finished. Any questions give us a call on the number above or email info@foxlake.co.uk. Let’s have a great turn out and keep smashing all the north region Grassroots stops 🤘🏼 #FoxlakeTakeOver
20.09.2017 Not long to go until our Leg of the Grass Roots Tour at Foxlake this Saturday. Check out Last Light Films video from last year. Remember on Sunday the Competition moves on to Glasgow Wake Park which will also be hosting the last leg of the Scottish Wake Series. Good luck everyone!
16.09.2017 Unreal results for the Foxlake team down in Blackpool today for the grassroots tour! Podiums left right and centre 🏅 If you haven't signed up for the Foxlake grassroots competition get yourself down or give us a call on 01620860657 and we will get you signed up, you won't want to miss this competition! 🏆 #FoxlakeTakeOver
16.09.2017 Its just a couple months until our FoxTrail Winter Running Series kicks off for another season. This year we have our new Nocturnal event to add to the list. Entries are filling up fast ,so if you are into your running ,check it out!!
09.09.2017 If you haven't heard already, we've got a new activity at Foxlake called Ziptrail. It's the new big thing🔥. Get yourself booked in on our unique dual zip line course, we know you want to✌🏼. Give us a call on 01620860657 or email us at info@foxlake.co.uk #ZippingAllOverTheWorld
06.09.2017 Only a couple of weeks to go until the biggest competition of the year, arrives at Foxlake. Time to get practicing and entered.....24th September....Get it in the diary!
30.08.2017 Yes indeedy, Its going to be a sun shiney day at Foxlake today!.....What are you up to??
28.08.2017 After a year of hard work we are proud to announce that our new sister site Foxlake Dundee is now open for business. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make this project possible. Including Dundee City Council, Sesitec, Industry Wake Parks the community of Dundee and our own dedicated staff. Exciting future ahead.! We have good availability this week so why not plan a trip to Dundee and check it out. To hear more about this project tune into BBC Radio Scotland at 8.50am this morning and you can here the dulcet tones of our very own Callum Mark grace the airwaves, or check us out at www.foxlakedundee.co.uk and Foxlake Dundee.(Thanks to Tayside in Pictures for the amazing nighttime photo).
26.08.2017 Perfect day for some outdoor fun, limited spaces available and cafe open. Pop down and join us for a chilled out Saturday.

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