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26.06.2017 We aren't one's for long posts, but bear with us: It might seem like we're poking fun at Daniel Kahl with this video (@daniel.kahl ) but his only instructions were 'You better tag me in it on IG!' You can hear Hudson on the mic highlighting that Daniel's only intentions with competing were to go out and have a good time. Points Chase isn't just about showing off or doing the coolest trick but pushing yourself as a rider to try new tricks, encouraging the guy next to you to do something new and having a great time competing with your friends. This week, Points Chase is on us! Free entry into both events (Features Only Rightside rail, Traditional) and we'll be handing out TONS of Aqua Park passes for free! Thanks Daniel for reminding us what wakeboarding is all about; because there's no way you're getting better on the board if you don't catch the occasionally toe edge. You rock, Dan.
26.06.2017 Hangar 9 Second Point Chase competition! #djimavic
25.06.2017 Points Chase going down tonight! 6 pm. Left side rail (Pool Gap) and Traditional Stop 2.
24.06.2017 Wake camp has been a blast all summer! Don't forget to sign up soon! Week 4 is full but there's still plenty of room left for your kids to have fun at Hangar 9 Wake Camp this year. #TurkeyTime @sesitecusa @unit_parktech @ronixwakeboards @malibuboats
19.06.2017 Hangar 9 first point chase!!! #maviclive
17.06.2017 Excited about our new aqua park. It's open 12-5pm every day. Come on out and conquer the course. @aquaglide #h9 #aquaglide #aquapark
12.06.2017 Points Chase time! Come out this Sunday 6pm for the first stop of Points Chase. This is for riders who can do double flips all the way down to just making it around the cable for their first time. Call in and ask for more info!
11.06.2017 Add double mobe to the impressive list of tricks Massi (@massipiffa) has landed! Social Shred Tour was a blast. Like if you want Ronix (@ronixwakeboards) to come back out later this summer. Thanks @timp024 for organizing the guys and getting them out here. Vid Creds: @erikruck
08.06.2017 We're kicking off the weekend with a healthy dose of Ronix! The Ronix team will be at Hangar 9 tomorrow (Friday) at 12p with demo's to ride on and back out on Saturday afternoon as well.
07.06.2017 Come say 'Hi!' to the Ronix Social Shred team this Friday and Saturday (June 9th and 10th) Try out some Ronix demo's and meet riders @parxxx @massipiffa @erikruck.
03.06.2017 9a-8p today. Come ride with us!
29.05.2017 'Wait, you guys are open and nobody told me??' Start your summer shredding today! #OpenAllDay
18.05.2017 THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. We will be selling All Day Passes for $25. Don't miss your chance! And don't forget about our Saturday Slow Rides from 9a-12p.
17.05.2017 [Turn on volume] It's back! And it's on the inside of the cable!
12.05.2017 In case you missed the news this morning, we've got you covered! Check out @landon.bednarzzz and @foxnews anchor @sallymacfox26 riding at our park! And don't forget, open 12-7:30 today and 9 am slow ride tomorrow! Http://
08.05.2017 Come master the main cable on our Saturday morning slow rides! During our slow ride sessions, we slow the cable down to accommodate for beginners and new riders. Slower cable speeds provide easy environments for learning to get started on our cable and master the turns. Join us every Saturday at 9 am!
06.05.2017 'Hi I'm Kyle .... at Hangar 9... at 12' Open! We apologize for the delays but we are open today! Come out to Hangar 9 from 12-7!
29.04.2017 Why is it called Bugs and Boats? Cause that's easier to say than 'Crawfish and Austin Keene Slashin'. Come out to SMG tomorrow for free mechanical bull riding, bounce house and obstacle course racing, TONS of crawfish, and professional tips and demo's from Austin Keene. A fun day all around!
25.04.2017 Points Chase is coming soon and will be on Monday evenings this year. We are hosting Features and Traditional. Get excited. #ButIfWeGetFloodedAgain #WeWillCryTogether
24.04.2017 Who's ready for summer camp??? Summer camp registration is online now. Make sure to get signed up before it's too late! (
18.04.2017 Do you love workings with kids? Being a camp counselor, lifeguard, and/or operator at H9 means more than just a job. You get to be an experience-maker for kids as they learn and progress on the water. We are still accepting applications for all three positions to work at Hangar 9 this summer. Email us ( if you want to be an experience-maker at H9!

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