Burntwood (Wakelake)

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Fahrrichtung U-Turn
Masten 2
Typ Sesitec System 2.0
Obstacles 2 kickers, flatbox, rooftop


21.06.2017 Vandalism at Wakelake Pier. Dear all. Please can I ask you to share his post. Once again it's that time of year where the sun is out and so are the idiots. Wakelake has once again come to be at the forefront of some vandalism buy local teenagers/youths & young adults. Last night we had reports of a substantial amounts of people on the Wakelake's pier at Chasewater, breaking the equipment, breaking the roof and climbing on the towers and basically just up to no good. We are a small business who are trying to help the local area, but we can't keep buying and replacing things that get broke just because certain individuals think "it's a laugh". We were all young once and got up to no good, however to purposely breaking equipment and stop others from having the chance to enjoy something different isn't on. I have called the police and they will now be involved and patrolling the area and will deal with these people accordingly if they catch them. Please can I ask you all to share this post and make sure your children, or family members/friends aren't involved and DO NOT come on back to the pier again. Some people left some socks, insoles of a pair of Asics trainers and a Armani T-shirt. Know who? Thanks Wakelake
10.06.2017 SUP courses out and about this weekend :). Come down and join in the fun
28.05.2017 a massive well done to everyone. a great day in the unexpected sunshine
28.05.2017 sorry for delay guys
27.05.2017 What a great night for a paddle board safari
25.05.2017 Jam night tomorrow. 26 degrees, water temp 18° Who's riding??? Get booked on now and don't miss the good weather.
23.05.2017 Don't forget it's bank holiday Monday next week. Ride all day at Wakelake for £20 from 12-8pm. Weather is set to be a scorcher, so get booked on. We might even drag the BBQ
14.05.2017 excellent well done everyone
14.05.2017 excellent day paddle boarding great to see people returning to do more
10.05.2017 Calling all people who are looking to group bookings. Are you looking for something new to do. We offer a range of activities here at Wakelake and can cater for big groups. Birthday parties Scouts groups Cadet groups. Hen parties Stag parties School groups, College groups End of season, rugby/football/hockey clubs etc. If you fancy having a go at something new and want a group to do it give us a call.
09.05.2017 Great day paddle boarding in the sun
06.05.2017 We are now happy to offer bike rentals from Wakelake Chasewater. Come and experience the outdoors and Chasewater, an outstanding natural beauty with quality Bikes. £12 for 2 hours. £18 for half day. Longer rentals available on request. Please give us a call or pop in to the shop for more details.
06.05.2017 Phones are back on now and all working. Give us a call and get booked on!! Flat water, suns out, perfect conditions for riding.
01.05.2017 Today we welcomed a group of girls celebrating a birthday
30.04.2017 An excellent weekend paddle boarding a massive well done to everyone who attended A great mixture of young and and old enjoying themselves
26.04.2017 We are know a recognised paddlebaord school. Our SUP has got off to a great start this season, why not be apart of it and try something new?? Get in touch at www.wakelake.co.uk
23.04.2017 Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May 2017 We are doing a ride all £20pp from 12am till 8pm. Sessions will work on a rotation system, you will get 10mins each in the water then rotate and go back in. limited to 10 spaces only. Please be aware this is not suitable for beginners. Bay cable only! We have left the Pier cable open for beginners to book on and come down and enjoy the fun and be apart of the atmosphere.
18.04.2017 Thank you.
16.04.2017 Congrats to our newest rider Sophie Grew for winning rider of the weekend!

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