Basildon, Essex (Festival Wakeboard Park)

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+44 844 8879253
Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Länge 660 m
Masten 5
Typ Rixen + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2012


22.05.2018 Training Tuesday's are perfect for all ages! We slow the main cable down between 2pm and 6pm which makes it easier to master…
21.05.2018 Our opening times for May...
20.05.2018 Here it is! This brand new UNIT Parktech feature will be here early June. Stay tuned for the installation date ... #festwakefeature
20.05.2018 We have special offers this season to get you out on the water! Get down to Festwake today…
19.05.2018 All will be revealed tomorrow... #festwakefeature
19.05.2018 Stay connected and up to date with Festwake!!!
18.05.2018 Biggest clue yet... #festwakefeature
18.05.2018 Who’s riding this ‘Royal’ weekend??? We have been working hard to get the park looking sharp and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great weekend! We have the Aqua Park, Beach’s, Café and Kneeboarding, Wakeboarding on the Main Cable or if it’s your first time, why not try Wakeboarding on our Beginners Cable... Festwake has something for everyone and fun for the whole family. To book, please visit
18.05.2018 Buying gift vouchers at Festwake couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is head to and we will email the voucher as soon as possible…
17.05.2018 Any guesses yet??? #festwakefeature

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