Basildon, Essex (Festival Wakeboard Park)

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+44 844 8879253
Fahrrichtung gegen den Uhrzeigersinn
Länge 660 m
Masten 5
Typ Rixen + Sesitec 2.0
Baujahr 2012


23.09.2017 The main cable runs slightly slower every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 11am to make it a little less intimidating. Ride this weekend and complete a full lap of the main cable…
22.09.2017 Due to popular demand, we have decided to keep the Aqua Park open as long as possible this season! We will be running into October and will keep going for as long as we can. Get booked in now! #festwake
18.09.2017 Stay connected and up to date with Festwake!!!
16.09.2017 Want to give wakeboarding a go for the first time? At Festwake, we have our beginners cable with all the kit you need so come and try this weekend…
14.09.2017 The Aqua Park is still open! Come and have some fun… (See for full opening times and details)
12.09.2017 Every Tuesday between 2pm and 6pm, we slow the main cable down making it the perfect time for beginners of all ages to learn the basics on the main cable…
09.09.2017 Every weekend between 10am and 11am, we slow the main cable down which makes it a little easier to learn the basics. Come down this weekend and finally conquer all 5 corners…
07.09.2017 Why not come and have some fun on our Aqua Park which is still open!!! (See for full opening times and details)
04.09.2017 Our opening times for September… #festwake
02.09.2017 Our opening times for September… #festwake

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