Axtell, TX (Barefoot Ski Ranch)

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21.04.2018 Austin Okinawa Tomonokai Winner Winner!! The BSR Surf Resort is almost done! Who is making BSR Cable Park their summer vacation destination?!?!
21.04.2018 🌞🏖Share for a chance at a free surf pass and 4 passes to the beach. 🏖🌞 We’re getting closer to seeing waves!!! Maybe a test wave next week.... BSR Surf Resort Big waves, white sand beaches, swim up bar, surf shop!! It’s coming soon! Our proshop framing is provided by Pioneer Steel & Pipe Co., Inc. Pool being built by Lazy River Company Waves coming from American Wave Machines Liner installed by Parsons Commercial Roofing Wave structure by Mazanec Construction Co., Inc.
21.04.2018 SHARE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 4 COMBO PASSES!! DIA was a great event- contact for your next college, family, or work event!!! Share, like, tag 3 friends- and tell us what your next big event coming up is!!
20.04.2018 Feel like getting Flushed?!? Head out to BSR- BYOB, bring your grill, and we have all the fun!!
20.04.2018 Throw your hands in the air- and hit the Lazy River if you just don’t care!!! The World’s Longest Lazy River is open- grab your cooler and your grill and come on out!
20.04.2018 Calm before the party!!! It’s Friday- and it’s time - you worked hard all week so let’s play hard!! Cables, River, and Flush open all day long! #bsrroyalflush #bsrcablepark #lazyriver #friday #whereyouat #waco #baylor
20.04.2018 BSR Surf update. Liner is at 60%. The wave machine is ready. When liner is complete next week we will start putting in water and testing waves. Lots of white sand coming. We will still be working on proshop until the end of May. The swim up bar will be ready in two weeks. The wave will be amazing!! Share for a chance at a free surf pass and 4 lazy river passes. Comment if your ready to learn to surf!!
19.04.2018 Who is ready to get Flushed on a Friday?!?! Cables, River, and Flush are open! Come spend the day with us then kick back, relax, and chow down in our Bar and Grill! Ask about our drink specials 🍺🥃🍹🍸. #bsrroyalflush #bsrcablepark #friday #weekendvibes #whereyouat #feedme #waco #magnoliamarket #baylor
19.04.2018 Diana Walser Wenstad Winner Winner! Thanks for sharing!! Everyone else Keep trying- We will be doing DAILY GIVEAWAYS!!!! The Lazy River, The Royal Flush, And the Wakeboard Cables are open daily 11-7! The Bar and Grill is also open daily with drink specials and hot food!

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