Axtell, TX (Barefoot Ski Ranch)

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20.06.2018 You ask we answer!!! First up Cheyne explains the waves and gear- what to expect *now booking at
20.06.2018 The BSR Surf Resort Beach and VIP Pool will be open tomorrow!! Beach $20, VIP area $20 with beach pass, cooler fee $20. Cable, River, and Flush open and BYOB as always!
20.06.2018 We are back!!! The waves are perfect, the weather is beautiful, and the sessions are open for booking!!
20.06.2018 SHARE FOR A CHANCE TO 4 COMBO PASSES!! This Friday it’s going down! The Surf Resort officially reopens! Come hangout on the beach, float the river, or if you dare ride the Royal Flush! Share, like, tag, and comment below - are you a beach bum or river rat?!?
20.06.2018 No better way to relax then with a cold drink kicked back on the World’s Longest Lazy River!!!
19.06.2018 BSR SURF RESORT NOW BOOKING!! Surf sessions are now available beginning this Friday June 22! Click the link below to book now before they are full!
19.06.2018 Who is ready for some fun in the sun?!? BSR Surf Resort opens back up this weekend! Online booking for weekend sessions will be up soon! All day beach passes $20, beach cooler fee $20. Surf Session purchase includes all day beach pass!
19.06.2018 #Repost @bsr_weddings ・・・ The Royal View at BSR is a venue like no other. Enjoy any gathering or special event in our glassed in, open floor plan, lake surrounded, rooftop access, perfect venue!!
19.06.2018 Donny Brandy Utley winner winner!!! If you need a little escape to relax and recharge- head out to BSR! You can't go wrong with the World's Longest Lazy River!!
19.06.2018 SHARE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 4 ROYAL FLUSH PASSES!! Come out and let’s get Flushed today! Share, like, tag, and comment below how you survived your Monday!

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