Arlanda, Stockholm (The Cable Park)

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+46 8 - 797 89 80
Höhe 13 m
Länge 623 m
Masten 5
Typ Rixen 5.0 + 2.0


28.01.2019 HANG IN THERE! 😎 The season is around the corner, just 3 months away. Don’t forget to ensure your season card if you are extra stoked for this season! Send an email to
16.01.2019 We know, we know.... det snöar därute.. men tappa inte hoppet - TCP:s 9:e säsong syns ju "snart" runt hörnet..... Bokningsanmälningar för säsongskort har redan kommit igång (nr 1 blev återigen Christopher E, i år den 6:e januari), så för Er som är "extra taggade" så är det öppet "redan nu" för att boka upp sig, för att vara på säkra sidan. Maila i så fall. Just so U know... ;) Ta det lugnt i skid/snowboard-backen nu... (Ok, it´s snowing... but anyways..., our 9th season is around the corner...and we have (already) opened the booking for season-cards, just so u know. Email to if your´re extra dedicated this season...)
22.12.2018 Till Er alla, från oss alla på TCP - önskar vi Er en riktigt God Jul! To all of U, from alla of us at TCP - we wich You a Merry Christmas! (soon we are in january … a fast walk to season ´19, folks...)
31.10.2018 "While You did something different".... we are still "swimming" (well…not quite...) in 7C water and doi´n some "Winter-prep" at TCP - so everything will be smooth and shiny for ya all, in May 2019... :)
15.10.2018 TCP, YOUR SECOND HOME! ❤️ Season 2018 is over and we are already looking forward to the next season! The park is nothing without you guys ❤ The smile on our riders faces, the feedback from enthusiastic and newly hooked beginners and everyone else who creates the familiar feeling on the spot, is just some of the things that makes the crew work hard to make TCP The BEST PLACE ON EARTH🌏 WE welcome everybody, young and old(er), beginners and pro:s, stoked or nervous! It´s a human right to have the possibility to wake 😉 Our vision is that TCP should be your Second (summer) Home ❤️ PS: as always: "the one who has the most fun, WINS"!! Have a nice winter and see you again in May 2019! 😀
28.09.2018 FRIENDS, we are goin´ full speed until Sunday! 🏄🏽‍♂️ So don’t miss the opportunity to take the last ride for this season. We are open 12-18 during the weekend and for SEASON RIDERS: Don’t forget to pick up your wakeboard from the board hotel ✌🏽 (Sunday can be a bit more windy, according to the forecast, so U know…)
23.09.2018 The storm is over, open today 12-19 as usual. Welcome!☀️
18.09.2018 AWW-tisdag, 21c (!) i luften och sol, måttlig vind. Näst-sista tisdags-After Work Wakeboard 17-19 denna säsong folks...
08.09.2018 Open 12-19, drop-in like always☀️

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